Innovation | 18 June 2018

Groupe Renault launches its first alternate reality game

2018 – Laurent Marcovick – “ Mobility Theory”
Groupe Renault is innovating in its communication strategy with an original initiative: an international alternate reality game called “Mobility Theory”. Players of the new alternate reality game are plunged into Groupe Renault’s innovation strategy and get to find out more about tomorrow’s mobility – autonomous, connected and electric.
by Eleonore BARREYRE

But what exactly is the Mobility Theory game?

Mobility Theory is an alternate reality game, better known to gamers as an “ARG”. This game consists of an interactive treasure hunt. It evolves according to how far players advance in the hunt, playing from a platform in real time. Adepts of these digital investigations are referred to as “Argonauts”. The game is overseen by a game master commonly known as the “Guia”, or guide in Portuguese.

The Guia expresses himself on Twitter, where he regularly posts a link, valid for 24 hours, enabling players to find the correct URL, which they have to decode to enter the game.

Click here

And that is where it all began a few weeks ago, when a video issued the challenge of finding Laurent Marcovick, a journalist, expert in autonomous mobility, blog writer and design school professor (specialized in video game illustrations and animations).

A major intrigue is formed around these two individuals, and the game depends on each player. In fact, the players are the essence of the game, as their actions can change the story and future of the game. 

“Think quick, act smart, move together”

This is the leitmotif of the Guia and sums up the idea of the game, in which the players share clues, help each other out and demonstrate team spirit. The players are well aware that sharing and dialogue are key to succeeding in the game and solving the mystery. This serves to form a community of gamers that grows with each new day as they try to get to the bottom of the enigma.

And it’s not too late to join the community, as the game will continue through early October!

Mobility Theory: finding out more about Groupe Renault’s innovation strategy

“At Groupe Renault, we are convinced that tomorrow’s mobility will be autonomous, electric and connected. Our vision is consistent with the world of the ARG, which unites players who have to think together, interactively or physically, to make headway on this new kind of collaborative investigation. For us, it is a way of sharing our goals with new audiences in a fun and original manner,” says Emmanuel Guinot, Director of Campaigns, Content and Digital at Groupe Renault.

Mobility Theory is a clever game through which users learn about the mobility ecosystem being designed by Groupe Renault through a variety of content (including articles, videos and events), with each piece of content holding a clue.

By disseminating information about the game across its websites and social networks, Groupe Renault is adopting a different kind of corporate communication strategy intended for new targets interested in gaming and, more broadly, the latest tech news. To succeed in the game, the players have to immerse themselves in the world of the brand and keep informed of the group’s latest news.

Through exposure to Groupe Renault’s platforms, the players get to find out more about the Renault Symbioz and EZ-GO concept cars and real projections of future and shared mobility.

With the launch of this fresh initiative, Groupe Renault is confirming its role as a major player in innovation by opening up to new horizons and demonstrating its profound interest in tomorrow’s mobility – and all those who will be the first to use it!

Groupe Renault has joined forces with the We Are Social agency, which created and rolled out the Mobility Theory game.

Want to join the game? It’s not too late!

Start by following the Guia on his Twitter page (@morewillfollow) and solving the first riddle to enter the game.

Finding the correct URL will lead you directly to the DISCORD website, home to the community’s chat hub!

Go through the textual rooms to get up to date on the investigation, and above all feel free to ask for help from the community, which needs you to find Laurent Marcovick.

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