Corporate | 06 June 2017

Groupe Renault wins Digital HR Team trophy with employee-centric project

2017 - Trophée Ressources humaines Digital Groupe Renault projet
Groupe Renault was recently awarded the RH&M group’s Digital HR Team prize for MaVie@Renault, an employee-centric new digital HR portal providing Groupe Renault’s French employees with a useful and convenient one-stop entry point for accessing full HR information.
by Caroline De Beaumont

Digital transformation to help Groupe Renault employees

MaVie@Renault, a unique employees’ HR portal

From the new portal, hosted on the Groupe Renault intranet, individual employees can access full personal HR information from the date they joined the company: training, evaluations, promotion history etc. They can also manage routine HR procedures such as leave planning, training, certificates, welfare contributions, etc.

The portal was developed by a multidisciplinary team spanning human resources, IT and communications, plus an outside agency. It’s thought out down to the tiniest detail to provide an optimally practical user experience, with navigation, simplified content, clearly presented information and a powerful search engine providing genuinely convenient usability. All employees have access to their own personal HR control panels.

The next step will be a smartphone app addressing production plant operators without workstation computers.

Jean Luc Mondon (Head of HR Operations, France) and Hélène Baetz (Head of HRIS) are awarded the Digital HR Team Trophy for the new HR portal addressing Groupe Renault personnel in France

Questions for Jean Luc Mondon director of HR operations France

1. MaVie@Renault has been running for just over a year now, so why did you decide to launch this one-stop portal project?

The last major upgrade to our existing employees’ HR portal had been in 2010, so it would have been time for a facelift anyway. But instead of a simple facelift we decided to go ahead and put up a brand new site with redesigned format and content. We’d draw inspiration from the sort of sites people use in their everyday lives, e-commerce sites for example, and put up an intuitive architecture with content written up in a more everyday, less technical, style. The new site would also give access to applications (41 in all) for enrolling on training courses, registering leave, changing addresses, updating bank details, etc. And there’d be basic information covering the sorts of HR issues employees are likely to come across in their working lives. Comprehensive information on these issues would then be available via the customer relations platform or in person through the network of HR agencies.

2. What kind of reception is the new site getting from employees?

We decided from the outset that project features would be tested and validated by employees throughout the site design phase. This iterative procedure would admittedly make the design phase more complex, but the effort paid off because the feedback has been excellent. Input is especially positive on the clarity of information and the utility of having a one-stop site with reliably up-to-date information. We’re also keen to emphasize our openness to continuous progress, actively inputting users’ improvement suggestions, on site ergonomics in particular. Indeed, we’ll be going even further in this direction to offer broader scope to employee expression.

3. What does digital transformation mean in the HR function?

When we talk about digital transformation, we tend to think, first of all, of the sorts of technologies and systems through which the transformation operates. Social networks, for example. But digital transformation is first and foremost a matter of change management, as mindsets adjust to the emerging environment. Clearly, then, the HR function has a duty to help employees through this process, so change management obviously need to start with the HR teams themselves. That was the reasoning behind the new Digital Team at DRH France, in charge of technology watch and digital projects. And we’ve begun work on redesigning the HR function intranet, which will be using new IT systems, such as Yammer. This is an important factor in the groupwork practices that we consider a major part of the digital transformation process.

A global approach on digital transformation in human resources

The MaVie@Renault project is part of a vast digital transformation programme under way in the Renault human resources function since 2015. Rapid emergence of technologies and systems is backed by active support for employees on the take-up of new digital practices, adopting an employee-centric approach that puts the employee in the place of the “customer” to be satisfied.

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