Cars | 04 October 2018

2018 Paris Motor Show - Groupe Renault’s innovation showcased on the global stage

Stand Renault EZ-PRO et EZ-ULTIMO au mondial de Paris 2018
Starting this Thursday, the Paris Motor Show (October 4th-14th) will see Groupe Renault dressed to the nines! Mobility of the future and innovative experiences come together in a friendly and lively atmosphere. Reporting from inside the event!
by Thomas AUDEBERT

From the moment you approach the Renault stand, your eyes are immediately drawn to it! The EZ family, all together for the first time! EZ-GO, EZ-PRO and the latest Renault concept car: EZ-ULTIMO. 3 robot cars with different but complementary uses!

Whether functional, professional or emotional - depending on the EZ experience you’re seeking - behold the embodiment of our vision of shared, electric and autonomous mobility! A major first and an unprecedented dive into the future for a high production automaker like Groupe Renault.

Obviously, fans of production vehicles will not feel left out with the presence of the New Kadjar, our compact SUV. Unveiled online in mid-September, it makes its first “public” appearance at the Paris Motor Show! Solid and adventurous, Kadjar guarantees being able to travel on any terrain without sacrificing comfort. Benefiting from the synergy of the Alliance, this SUV is a blend of innovative technologies!

Stand Renault Kadjar ph2 at Paris Motor Show 2018

Back to the future

No DeLorean here, there is no need! To travel back in time, enjoy the Time Machine! Whether Belle époque, Seventies disco or dreamers of the future, there is something for everyone! As part of its 120th anniversary, Groupe Renault is teleporting you via a legendary car: Louis Renault’s Type A invites you aboard the iconic Renault 5 or the SYMBIOZ concept car!

Stand Renault 120 years at Paris Motor Show 2018
Renault Time Machine with Renault Type A, Renault 5 and Renault SYMBIOZ Renault 120 years with Renault 5 in front of the Eiffel tower

Available for the first time at a motor show stand, the experience is enhanced as explained by Mathilde Chaise, Marketing Project Manager:

“This is the first time that the machine-created avatar will go into a dedicated universe - 1898, 1972 or 2030. We want to have your visitors travel through our rich history!”

On-board connectivity thanks to AEX

To continue exploring the future, turn to AEX. AEX stands for Augmented Editorial Experience.  While sitting in your car on the road, your voice assistant offers the main news, selected for you according to your tastes: sports, culture, economy, etc. Once selected, it reads the article aloud, you can stop it or share it on social media, simply by saying a few words. You can even perfect your knowledge of any given area through the learning experience. As explained by Thierry Bolloré, Chief Operating Officer of Groupe Renault during a press conference:

“AEX is the intersection point between mobility, personalized content, and multimedia experience. Developed with our partner, the press group Challenges, it allows to make a simple trip a moment of unique enrichment.”


Youtube, Renault: a unique partnership

Finally, learn more about a major European first:  the Renault Studio by Youtube! For the first time, the American company is partnering with a European company to create a 30 sq. m. enclosed, but transparent recording studio, whose objective is to “bring the trade show alive from the show itself”! Present throughout the entire Paris Motor Show, this studio is the meeting place for Groupe Renault personalities, influencers and other Youtubers, including themed days: sports, cinema, and video games! 

YouTube Studio at Paris Motor Show 2018 with Thierry Bolloré and Laurens van den Acker

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