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#IAA2015: 5 questions about Talisman for Jean-François Reynaud, Product Marketing Director D&E segments

At Frankfurt Motor Show, we took the opportunity to meet with Jean-François Reynaud - Product Marketing Director, D&E segments to ask him five question about Talisman, our new D-segment Saloon, also available in an Estate version and presented for the first time at a show.
by Groupe Renault
We're in Germany for the 66th Frankfurt motor show. In many people's minds, a quality car is a German car, so how is Talisman going to make headway on what is a highly competitive market?

J-F Reynaud: Talisman stands out in several ways:

  • First of all, by design. Though at first sight Talisman complies strictly with the design standards of this segment (three-volume saloon, 40/60 glazed/body proportion, short overhangs), its design is much more Latin, with warm, sleek, organic lines that contrast with the rather tense and cold outlines of German models. Then the front end shares the design features introduced first by Espace then by Mégane, with its C-shaped LED daylight headlamps.

  • Second, Talisman boasts an exceptional chassis, a very important purchase decision factor in this segment. We find variable-absorption suspensions and, above all, the 4-Control (four-wheel steering) system, which except for Renault is only available on exceptional cars outside the D segment.

  • Third, Talisman offers a unique customization capability, with its Multi-Sense system that enables drivers to change both car response and interior ambience at will.


Why did you choose a name that was already the name of a Renault model in China?

J-F Reynaud: Talisman is on the list of Renault top-end heritage names. For example, it was the name of a luxury four-seater coupé concept car exhibited at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show. Today, Renault launches its new premium Saloon, Renault Talisman, which will be produced in France, and aimed for the markets in Europe and next to Europe…

Talisman is a charismatic and highly evocative name, perfectly in tune with Renault's human and emotional values. It signifies an object attributed with magical virtues of power and protection. Then pronunciation is unproblematic worldwide, because the word exists in identical or very similar forms in many languages.

Talisman thus emerged as a natural choice of name, both emotionally and technically, for our D-segment saloon, which will, indeed, eventually be released in China.

Which markets (countries and customer categories) are you addressing with Talisman?

J-F Reynaud: Talisman will be released initially in Europe, but there is a real worldwide market for D-segment saloons, so Talisman will have a virtually global footprint within the next two years. On all markets it addresses two main customer categories: companies buying them for their management teams, and private motorists. In Europe, the split between these two customer categories is around 60%/40%.

What are you most proud of on Talisman?

J-F Reynaud: It's really very beautiful! Irresistible! And the closer you look, the greater the appeal, with every little detail. Then there's the 4-Control system, which affords utterly unique agility.


It's really very beautiful! Irresistible! And the closer you look, the greater the appeal, with every little detail.

Jean-François Reynaud - Director, Product Marketing, D&E segments

To wind up, do you have an anecdote to tell readers on the Talisman design process?

J-F Reynaud: A highlight was when we eventually were able to bring out the first Talisman in the street after the public presentation in early July. We already knew the car was beautiful but to see it advancing among other cars - without camouflage - allowed us to discover it in a new light ... and realize that so many people was looking at it.

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