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Mondial2016 :Meeting the people: Carlos Ghosn talks with internet influentials

Under any ordinary circumstances it’s pretty difficult for the man in the street to get an interview with Groupe Renault chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn. But that’s exactly what happened, for the first time at an international motor show, when the Renault boss met five web opinion leaders at the Paris event.
by Groupe Renault

What is a web influencer?

A web influential, or influencer, is a new type of opinion leader, eagerly courted by brands in all sectors because of the influence they wield over consumers. They’ll typically be bloggers, or stalwart Instagram or YouTube denizens, whose knowledge or enthusiasm on a particular subject has earned them sway over an active community of followers on the social networks, or of fans posting comments on their blogs. In addressing web influentials, brands will seek to reach the type of younger, mobile and hyperactive audience associated with avid consumption of instantaneous content.


Carlos Ghosn talks with five bloggers

The interview, the first of its kind at an international motor show, was set for 13:45 on 29 September 2016. Five bloggers, men and women, met the Groupe Renault boss for a 15-minute chat covering some of the hot topics at Renault right now.


Check out “2016 Paris Motor Show: interview with a busy man, Carlos Ghosn” on Blog Automobile (in french only)

Electric vehicles, charging stations and hybrid drive

The world première presentation of ZOE with its new travel range (400 km NEDC) aroused many questions on the group’s electric vehicles strategy, as competitors announce electric cars to come. Mr Ghosn didn’t mince his words: “I’m glad to see that our rivals are finally wising up to electric vehicles, with technologies that Renault started pioneering some years back. Our competitors are talking about cars to come, whereas Renault is here right now, with a travel range of 400 km (NEDC). Half of all the electric vehicles sold worldwide today are Alliance vehicles.”

On charging stations, Mr Ghosn was reassuring: “The situation has hugely improved over the last three years. There are more than 80,000 charging stations in Europe, and the distance between charging stations along the motorway network is 80 km at most.”

Check out “Carlos Ghosn: We backed electric power, and it’s paid off with Breezcar.” (In French only)

Check out: “Our competitors are talking about electric cars to come, whereas Renault is here right now” on Automobile Propre (in French only)


Women on the Renault Board

While admitting that the Renault Board, with 35% women, had not yet reached the statutory 40% gender balance, the Renault CEO assured his interviewer that everything would be ready in time.


Check out “Carlos Ghosn, Renault and me”, article by Charlotte au Volant

The shape of things to come

Answering questions from TheAutomobilist on Renault’s market performance, Carlos Ghosn was categorical, noting that Renault had the highest growth rate of any automaker over the last two years, and emphasizing the full renewal of its product line-up (15 facelifts and 11 new models).

Product range renewal has boosted our market share in Europe and brought benefits elsewhere too: we’ll be reaping the fruit of our staged investments in high-potential markets such as Russia, with Avtovaz, Brazil and China.

                                                               CEO Carlos Ghosn, September 29, 2016, Bloggers Round Table

On the Alliance, Mr Ghosn was confident on the agreement with Mitsubishi: “We’re building on the successful achievement of the Renault-Nissan Alliance”. Each brand’s product ranges will develop independently, as they always have. Each will have the freedom to develop its own individual features. “I believe in this arrangement because it affords full freedom to all partners, with each enjoying independent brand development.”


Interview Carlos Ghosn

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