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MOBILIZE DAYS: Your Ideas Your Initiatives announces its 2020 winners

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One of the pillars of the commitments in the Groupe Renault CSR policy is road safety awareness. During Mobilize Days, when employees and their communities come together for civic action, this issue was once again highlighted by the Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition, which the Group has been coordinating since 2011. This year, this unique, worldwide road safety programme honours winners from Russia, Spain and Morocco.
by Valérie Calloch

User safety is a priority for Groupe Renault and it is a major plank in its CSR (Corporate Social and environmental Responsibility) policy. Each year, Mobilize Days put the spotlight on CSR actions. These days are dedicated to the civic activities of employees within and with their communities, and to contribute, the company coordinates a worldwide education programme to promote road safety and sustainable mobility, at the heart of which lies the Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition.

This competition is open to schools on 4 continents and calls on pupils’ creativity to promote their safety initiatives. Entries are judged by an international jury of experts and practitioners, including Anne Guillaume, Expert Leader in Road safety, representing Groupe Renault.

In 2018, the competition won an award from Prince Michael of Kent. This award recognises major innovations around the world that contribute to road safety. Since the Group has been coordinating this international challenge, it has created local spin-offs in Brazil and Colombia for example, and is thus helping to create a culture of safety education and sustainable mobility amongst young people in their everyday environment – a key objective for Groupe Renault. Designed to be deployed by teachers with no specific training, and supported by a comprehensive set of educational materials, it is financed by Renault and is thus free to use for schools.


2020 winners: 3 projects selected from the 55 entries

This year, despite the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of pupils made the effort to take part. Working in teams from home, via virtual meetings, online questionnaires and chats, they have matched each other for ingenuity in creating and deploying their campaigns in these exceptional circumstances. The jury decided to reward 3 projects from the 55 entries. Russia, Spain and Morocco carried off the honours this year.


Russia (Nizhny Novgorod college): giving the city back to pedestrians

This project focuses on the idea of promoting sustainable mobility by making the city safer. It started with an observation: young people have little outdoor space in which to meet of an evening. The pupils of the Nizhny Novgorod college set up an innovative park project that combines technology and nature: a futuristic oasis where youngsters can meet away from the hyper-dense traffic of the city centre. LED, Wi-Fi, electric sockets, sports equipment: an urban recreation area based on a project modelled in 3D.

Spain (Ágora Sant Cugat college): the fatal consequences of alcohol

This is an awareness campaign designed to bring an end to young people driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Starting from the facts that 75% of young people drink alcohol before the legal age of 18 and that they are authorised to ride scooters and motorbikes from the age of 16, the youngsters at the Ágora Sant Cugat International School ran a social media campaign using a video and other material. They set up a Facebook page and sent a questionnaire to over 300 young people. They also wrote to the local authority to request the creation of two night-bus services to link the nightclub area with the railway station.

Their objective: to raise awareness of the fact that 35% of accidents occur due to drink-driving and to prevent young people from taking to the road if they have had a drink.

Morocco (Al Madina polo school): Observe the code, save lives

The Moroccan project is focused on getting young people to observe the highway code, especially those who ride motorbikes and scooters.

The winners’ idea: produce content that appeals directly to their audience: rap, video, photo campaign, drawings, etc., all of which relate a real-life story. Their video reached a wide public and exceeded their objective.

A huge “Well done!” to these youngsters and to the teachers who supported and motivated them, despite the constraints imposed by the situation!

Learn more on the winning projects

This competition consists of two stages – first, they have to identify an issue in their own environment, then develop a campaign to resolve it, and at the same time assess the latter’s impact – It’s this novel approach that engages youngsters and allows them to take up the messages that they wish to convey. This year, we particularly appreciated the relevance of the approach taken by the 2020 winners and the quality of the materials provided, a sign of creativity and commitment.
Anne Guillaume, Expert Leader in Road Safety, Groupe Renault


The Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition in figures:

  • 572 projects completed in nine years
  • 14,400 pupils involved in 33 countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe
  • 80 schools participate annually


Renault and road safety : a long-standing commitment

Groupe Renault has been working for many years to improve road safety. Alone or collaboratively, it facilitates the transfer of skills for road users and road safety stakeholders. This commitment to reducing death rates and to anticipating the challenges for the mobility of tomorrow relies, in particular, on awareness to change behaviours, and education at an early age about the dangers of the road.

Besides the Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition, a further example of safety education is the Road4us* website, the joint creation of Groupe Renault and the Association Prévention Routière (French road safety organisation).

There is also LAB, - (Laboratory for accident analysis, biomechanics and the study of human behaviour) - founded over 50 years ago by Groupe Renault and PSA. LAB’s mission is to observe, analyse and anticipate behaviour in order to improve road safety. It has contributed to a five-fold reduction in the number of road deaths in France over the past 50 years.

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