Event | 30 September 2016

Mondial2016: key points from the Dacia press conference

Dacia press conference -10.45am (CET) - September 29, 2016

Ten years ago, I was walking through this very place and, I discovered the Logan MCV. We were looking for a used estate car for the growing family! But with the MCV, the idea of buying a new car rose to the top! Our first new car!!! A new car for just barely more than a used car!!! Not long after that, we signed the order form!



Today, we are unveiling four revamped models in the Dacia family: SANDERO, SANDERO STEPWAY, LOGAN, LOGAN MCV. Four completely redesigned vehicles, inside and out.



You will recognise them right away thanks to the new front end and brand-new, even more modern signature lighting.


On the front end, LED daytime headlamps in the shape of four superimposed rectangles.



In the rear, the tail lights have been redesigned with the same style, in the shape of four luminous squares.



With a European premiere, Dacia is launching a whole new engine.
This will make our Dacias the first models in the Renault Group to receive the petrol SCe 75 engine, a new base-level engine for the product line. 
It is a 1 L, 3-cylinder engine created with Renault expertise. This engine emits 10% less CO2 and uses 10% less fuel: thus, a modern, efficient engine.



Another new development unveiled here at the Paris Motor Show: the Duster with an EDC automatic gearbox. Many of our customers have been asking for it, so Dacia is now offering it, starting today.
Demand for automatic gearboxes has almost doubled over five years, making up one quarter of the European automotive market today.
This automatic dual-clutch gearbox offers comfort and simplicity of driving while maintaining fuel economy and CO2 emission levels similar to a manual gearbox.
It will be available by the beginning of 2017.



Dacia is a success story that has been proving itself for more than ten years now.
A brand that has had one success after another, having already sold 4 million vehicles in 44 countries since 2004.



Customers that share a common frame of mind, sometimes even a passion: there were 11,000 people at the big Dacia picnic in France this year, 5,500 in Germany, 3,000 in Denmark, and we have more than 3 million fans on Facebook...

pique niquerec


With four revamped models, a new transmission for the Duster, a new engine, exceptional sales results... Dacia has every reason to be proud and confident about its future.



With such loyal and enthusiastic customers, you can bet that we will take on the next decade with the same energy and passion!


Thank you again for joining us today. 

Watch the replay of the Dacia Press Conference here

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