Sports | 24 March 2014

Monte-Carlo ZENN Rally: ZOE whooshes silently across the finish line…1st!

We knew the Renault ZOE was special. Now it’s official. Because this weekend, while you were mowing the lawn or reading the paper, Team ZOE scooped 5 trophies at the Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise) Rally. Yes, we literally won everything!
by Groupe Renault


1st place in the rally

1st for regularity

1st for energy consumption

1st combined

1st in gymkhana

Our worthy opponents included all the competition (bar BMW who were absent): Citroën C-Zero, Mitsubishi i-Miev, even the new Volkswagen e-UP and a Tesla Roadster.


Exciting (kind of)

As we celebrate the Lithium-Ion brilliance of ZOE’s sensational multiple victory, we have a confession to make. This wasn’t the usual heart-stopping, testosterone-powered atmosphere you expect from a rally. No deafening engine roar at the finish line. No spectacular shots of electric cars spraying mud over spectators. And especially, no emissions. We’re talking about a car with no moving parts – except for the nodding heads of pilot and co-pilot as they bop along to the radio. Admittedly there was a fire extinguisher onboard, which is kind of exciting, but it was one of the rules of rallying, and never got used!



Unlike the dawn of the motorcar over a century ago, this fresh automotive dawn is clean, reliable and stress-free. There’s not even the faintest whiff of an oily rag. ZOE’s performance on the weekend is proof that the electric car has come of age. But shhh, it’s a whisper-quiet revolution. The really exciting part is that the Monte-Carlo-winning ZOE is exactly the same ZOE you can drive to the shops today. The same ZOE that climbed mountain after mountain is the one that’s doing countless daily commutes, and the one mums are already using for the school run.

Congratulations to the drivers and support team behind our 3 ZOE’s. You made history!



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