Innovation | 11 May 2018

“MUM BUTTON” the connected button to reassure parents

Renault launches "MUM BUTTON", a connected button adaptable to any dashboard, which sends an automated message with one touch.
by Thomas AUDEBERT

It has probably happened to all of us, at least once. Take the car, promise to send a message when we have arrived, forget to do it and receive a text, then two and finally a panic call from a parent... to find everything is fine. This era is over, thanks to a Renault innovation, the aptly named "MUM BUTTON".

This connected button, in combination with a smartphone application, allows you to send a text message to the number of your choice at the touch of a button.

Before the journey, the user chooses his message, it can be a a simple "Arrived safely. Lots of love." or a longer message "The journey went very well, a few people at the toll but otherwise little traffic. See you very soon,". Then the user defines the number of the recipient. All they have to do is press the button upon arrival at their destination!

Part of the Renault EASY CONNECT platform

Within the Renault EASY CONNECT platform, MUM BUTTON contributes to developing the connectivity of our vehicles. It enriches the mobility experience, makes it smarter, more serene and easily integrates into users' digital lives.

Adaptable to any vehicle and very easy to use, with "MUM BUTTON" informing your loved ones of your well-being has never been so simple. Worried parents can rest easy and teenagers now have no excuses!

The Renault EASY CONNECT solutions portfolio relies on 5 main principles:

1/ Creating seamless smartphone-car connection, to easily access online content & services on the big screen with our systems R&Go, R-LINK & R-LINK 2.

2/ Facilitating the interaction between the driver, his car and Renault with MY Renault application (ex : access to vehicle data, simplify link between user, dealer or insurer)

3/ Creating smarter interactions between the connected car and the connected home. Turning off the lights, lowering the temperature in the house or even programming the shutters to close is possible from the vehicle.

4/ Connecting the car to the road and city for smarter journey experiences (e.g. access to Coyote, Waze or TomTom browsers, or the OnePark parking application)

5/ Bridging everyone’s connected car with leading car sharing and ride sharing providers (e.g. IDVroom, the French leader in short journeys or Renault Mobility)

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