Cars | 14 January 2014

New Logan : successful launches in South America

New Logan, revealed at the Buenos Aires Motor Show in June, was presented to Brazilian and Argentine journalists at the end of last year. Let's look back at the model's successful debut in the Americas Region.
by Groupe Renault

Seldom has a launch been so eagerly awaited in the Americas Region as that of New Logan. Since it was revealed at the Buenos Aires Motor Show in June, the car codenamed L52 created a buzz. First the media, then the public, expressed very positive views about the car’s design while they waited for an opportunity to try it out for themselves. That final stage was reached when Brazilian journalists were offered the chance to test-drive the model in November, followed by Argentine journalists in December. A total of 280 put New Logan through its paces, and the widespread enthusiasm for the car did not fade after the first reports were published – quite the opposite.



To mark the switch from one generation of Logan to the next, the Americas Region came up with an advertising campaign based on a clear message: “Si, es un Logan” (“Yes, it’s a Logan”) in Spanish and “Acredite é o Logan” (“I believe it’s the Logan”) in Portuguese. The statement “Yes, it really is a Logan” underscores the fact that although the name is the same, nothing or very little remains of its predecessor’s appearance. The general opinion published by the South American media, which closely reflects this message, also focuses on the excellent value offered by the new model.

New Logan, which will be produced at the Curitiba plant in Brazil and will go on sale first in Brazil and Argentina, didn’t take long to start picking up prizes. On 9 December, less than a month after it was presented to Brazilian journalists, it won the “Top Car TV Award” in the “Best National Car up to 30,999 reais”, ahead of the VW Gol and Fox, Toyota Etios and Ford Fiesta. The prize, awarded by a panel of communications and marketing professionals from various automakers and news organisations, is compensation for the launch campaign. A few days later Logan won the 15th trophy awarded by Abioto, the Brazilian trade press organisation, in the “Best Compact” category, by a panel of 67 of the country’s most influential motoring journalists. Next in line was the “O Melhor do Ano 2013″ (The Best of 2013) Trophy presented by Motor Press magazine, which Logan won hands down ahead of the Nissan Sentra and Citroën C4 Lounge. And there will no doubt be even more awards to come during the months ahead.



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