Cars | 11 April 2014

New Trafic : discover the interior of the "Van à Vivre"

After showing you the first photos of the exterior few weeks ago, discover everything about New Trafic, our "Van à vivre".
by Groupe Renault

A new robust dynamic design

New Trafic looks stylishly dynamic and robust. The front face incorporates the Renault brand’s new design identity.

The design of the cabin has been radically altered. Planned to be practical and comfortable, it takes up the styling themes used in passenger cars to give an impression of quality, as well as incorporating 14 stowage bins to house all the items business users need in their daily work.

Nouveau Trafic intérieur

A cabin designed to serve as a mobile office

The cabin has been thought through to serve as an office away from the office and packs clever solutions to ensure that the driver’s mobile phone, tablet and laptop computer are always within easy reach.

Intérieur de Nouveau Trafic

The mobile phone cradle mount is ideally positioned on the dashboard within easy reach of the driver.  A cradle mount for a tablet  is located above the radio

Nouveau Trafic : supports pour tablettes Nouveau Trafic support pour mobiles

A more practical cargo area

Flaps incorporated at the bottom of the bulkhead and beneath the front bench seat provide market-leading carrying ability in terms of maximum load length (up to 4.15 metres for the L2 version). Other new userfriendly features have been added to the New Trafic range, including an overhead rack which enables use of the cargo area to be optimised.

Nouveau Trafic : rangements

Nouveau Trafic

Nouveau Trafic

Nouveau Trafic : volume

New responsive economical engines

Renault’s engine specialists have provided New Trafic with a new range of engines featuring technologies derived from Renault’s success in Formula 1. These engines have been adapted to meet the needs of business customers and combine fuel efficiency with responsive performance. The fuel consumption of the Twin Turbo engine stands at a record low 5.7 litres/100km* (149 g CO2/km*).

New drivers aids

Reversing camera available as a factory fitment.

Nouveau Trafic aides à la conduite

Wide-view’ mirror, an additional mirror is built into the reverse of the passenger-side sun visor to more than double the angle of vision towards the
rear-right of the vehicle.

Nouveau Trafic aides à la conduite

The double aspherical door mirror improves visibility when manoeuvring.

The Hill Start Assist. This system functions automatically when the driver pulls away on a slope of more than 10 percent.

L’Extended grip. Cette fonction d'aide à la motricité agit sur les deux roues avant pour améliorer la traction du véhicule dans des conditions de roulage difficiles.



* Fuel consumption and emission figures homologated in compliance with applicable procedures – combined cycle, L1H1 version

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