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No limit! New exhibition at Atelier Renault on challenges and comic strips

No limit! is the name of the exhibition taking place from January 19 to April 7, 2013 at L’Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées in Paris. On this occasion, l'Atelier Renault offers to relive the adventure of the vehicles that made history, illustrated by Christophe Merlin’s comic strip drawings. Visit the "No limit!" exhibition as if you were reading a comic strip, telling the story of Renault.
by Groupe Renault


No limit!, challenges and extraordinary vehicles

"No limit!" illustrates the Renault brand's values of courage and innovation through a collection of record-breaking vehicles.

The Type K, the 40 CV, the “Etoile Filante”, the Alpine Le Mans A442, the F1 car with its RS27 engine, Mégane RS Trophy and ZOE are all heroes of the brand's history, which is built on the adventures and the exploits of the vehicles on display.


Etoile filante

Learn how these extraordinary vehicles and constant new challenges have pushed back the limits of automotive innovation, and continue to do so. Read their stories, staged in a comic strip-like décor by Christophe Merlin.


Renault 40 CV

No limit, an exhition for enthusiasts and an autograph session

Christophe Merlin is mad about cars. This talented illustrator manages to capture the sound, speed and fury of motor cars, as his comic strip "The Nürburgring 57" clearly demonstrated.

His numerous albums for young readers have been published by Albin Michel, Le Seuil, Nathan and Milan. He has also written several travelogues and comic strips, always with same graphical excellence.


Type K

Beginning of February, a group of bloggers/cartoonists had the chance to visit No limit!, with Christophe Merlin  and Philippe Guilhaume (exhibition manager, Atelier Renault). A lot of questions were asked, especially on electric vehicles (like Twizy), and the bloggers were won over Renault classic cars, like the Type K. What was said during the evening:

"They were really brave to climb into this !" (regarding the 40 CV)

"What a dream to see these on the road ! Or even to drive them!"

"The F1 wheel looks like a Playstation"


New Clio

They all left with a challenge : to write/draw a post that they'll be able to autograph at l'Atelier Renault on March 9...

 More on our guests on their blogs: LuchieMalecJeromeuhUn dessin par jourYap.


In the afternoon of Saturday March 2, Christophe Merlin will be autographing the comic book of the exhibition, published in cooperation with Glénat, in a session open to the general public. The comic strip will be gifted to the visitors.

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credits: Olivier Martin Gambier