Event | 27 June 2016

Once upon a time… the Dacia Picnic

Remember yesterday ? It wasn’t your first time. Since your Mom and Daddy bought a Dacia Duster, there is this amazing annual meeting. It’s like a huge party.
by Caroline De Beaumont

NOVABOX_GPND_S_JC_0075recNot everyone gets invited. No Dacia, no picnic! That’s right, all the people you saw yesterday, they all have a Dacia model. Can you imagine that there are 4 million Dacia cars all around the world ?!


We were so many Dacia fans yesterday at the Domaine de Courson, near Paris, we were more than 11,000. This figure could be more impressive as the Dacia cars are sold in 44 countries!


What I can tell for sure is that you had so much fun during the picnic. You ran everywhere, you played games, you took a pedalo ride.


You rested a little during Christophe Willem’s show. What an atmosphere!


Our family was in this very warm and welcoming place, surrounded by this “Dacianaute” community, another great family.


And you know what? The coolest thing is that we will share more than that from now on with the brand new website Système [D]acia. Your Daddy already registered himself. He is now thinking about all the new things that he will be able to do such as invite customers to try our Duster or rent our car on the Drivy platform from time to time.

Dacia is really is smart brand and that’s why we like it!


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