Event | 02 October 2014

Paris Motor Show 2014: Renault's press conference VOD

Renault's press conference was hosted by Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault Group.
by Groupe Renault

At 11:00 this morning the Renault stand was already bustling with journalists, eyes glued to the screens marking the countdown: four, three, two, one. Here we go! The lights go down, the music starts, the curtains open, and there stands Renault's New Espace.

Check out the playback of the Renault press conference right here: http://event.media.renault.com/Renault/021014/public/vod/d/en/index.html

And the short version here:


Or discover all the photos here: 

conf-espace conf-cg-2 conf-entree conf-entree-2 conf-entree-3 conf-espace-2

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