Event | 03 October 2014

Paris Motor Show: what does the Airbus designer think of New Espace?

Nouveau Renault Espace sur route en extérieur
Airbus head designer was invited to take a sneak-peek at the new Renault Espace, he shared his immediate impressions with François Leboine and Stéphane Maiore, Renault designers of New Espace.
by Groupe Renault

Outside, Bruno Saint-Jalmes’ attention is grabbed first of all by the vitality of the sculptural yet fluid form of the body. The new Renault Espace is an impressive automobile.

It’s a large sculpted shape with a palpable strength.

The body styling innovates through the absence of flat sides and through its aircraft-style profile. The aviation analogy continues in the rear quarter-window pillar designed in the shape of an airplane tail. The new Espace exudes a powerful road-hugging presence, with forthright shoulders, a muscular rear and horizontally flowing lines. The front end clearly expresses the Renault brand DNA. The details are handled meticulously, including the full-LED light signature front and rear.

I also like the chrome detailing.

The new model makes a clean break with Espace IV in terms of styling. Outside, the new Espace makes a further leap forward, expressing the brand’s innovation and ability to “invent shapes”.  

Inside, the high-set, comfortable driving position is particularly welcoming. That feeling is confirmed by a light-embracing windscreen that extends rearwards into a transparent roof.

It is quite simply immense.

Appraising the interior, Bruno Saint-Jalmes is struck by the quality of the door panel alignment with the dashboard. This famously difficult task was carried off with effortless ease on the new Renault Espace. The Head of Creative Design and Concepts at Airbus notes a strong synergy between the exterior and interior. His attention is drawn to the light ambience and detailing. Light is used in the cabin to enhance the perception of space and comfort and amplify the feeling of ease and lightness. The same approach is used on board the Airbus A350. Bruno Saint-Jalmes also appreciates the stylistic and technological prowess of the floating console, which frees up space and conveys a sense of lightness.

Everything is floating.

The new model’s personalized design motifs are similar to those on the seats of the new Airbus aircraft. He finds the dissymmetry of the console daring and highly successful, and also praises the seamless fit of the large R-Link screen. He concludes by stressing the harmony, elegance and high-tech personality of the new Renault Espace, 

We are in the future of the Espace.