Innovation | 06 July 2018

Plant quality controller: the digitalization of a profession

Diana Davidoiu, contrôleur qualité au sein de l’usine de Pitesti (Roumanie) en situation
While the customer is central to the connected and competitive plant of the future, the everyday lives of employees are being simplified by digital technology. More and more operators and managers are equipped with smartphones or tablets to make their work easier. Diana Davidoiu, Quality Controller at the Pitesti plant in Romania, talked to us about the digitalization of her profession.
by Groupe Renault

Can you tell us about your job?

Portrait of Diana Davidoiu, Quality Controller at the Pitesti plant in Romania.
Diana Davidoiu, Quality Controller at the Pitesti plant in Romania.

I’ve worked for four years as quality controller at the Pitesti assembly plant. My job is to check vehicle quality using a checklist. I note down the various inspection points to ensure compliant production. When I identify a defect, I feed back the information so that it is quickly remedied.

What aspects of your job have changed with digitalization?

I used to approve inspection points using a pen. For a year and a half now, I have used a smartphone to scan information and send it to the department. Having digital tools makes us more responsive and effective in quality control. When there’s a problem on the assembly line, I can quickly alert the retoucher or the person concerned to solve it. We are using increasingly modern tools, such as the monitor on the assembly line, which keeps us informed in real time of line incidents.

What are the advantages of these changes?

The digitalization of my profession saves considerable time and also facilitates communication between the various departments. Using a smartphone in my workplace hasn’t been difficult as I use one every day in my personal life. So the transition has been a smooth one.

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