Cars | 31 May 2018

The very first Master Z.E. fleet deployed by PostNL in the Netherlands

Renault Master Z.E. - en situation - Pays-bas
The latest addition to the Groupe Renault electric light commercial vehicles (LCV) range, the Master Z.E has been chosen by the Dutch postal company PostNL to ensure zero emissions deliveries. PostNL will deploy a fleet of 17 vehicles during 2018 and is aiming to cover 25 city centres by 2025. Alliance Senior Vice President, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi LCV Business, Ashwani Gupta explains how Master Z.E. effectively meets the needs of companies specializing in “last mile deliveries”.
by Emmanuel GENTY

What expertise can Renault bring to the last mile delivery specialists with its light commercial vehicles?

Ashwani Gupta, Alliance Senior Vice President, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi LCV Business

Renault has a long-term know-how in developing and manufacturing LCVs. For almost 120 years, we have continuously adapted our offers by taking into consideration the evolutions of the markets and of our clients’ needs. In 2015, we launched our expert brand “Renault Pro+” dedicated to our professional customers to give them tailor-made product and services as solutions for more and better business. Today, we are both the van and electric LCV leader in Europe. Thanks to this double expertise, Renault is the right partner for last mile delivery companies.

The EV transformation is not only for individual vehicles but is also under way for commercial vehicles. What do you expect from this?

Renault is the EV leader in Europe for both passenger cars and LCVs, where we propose a unique offer of 4 models. Our electric LCVs represent 44.0% of market share, with Kangoo Z.E. dominating the market with 39,7% (April YTD figures). With the changes in regulations to access city centres combined with the development of e-commerce, I am convinced that the needs for electric LCVs will continue to grow. At the end of April in Europe, the total industry volume of electric LCVs increased by 24% compared to last year. We as Renault LCV are fully prepared to address the needs of customers through our wide range of electric vehicles.

What specific needs does Master Z.E. meet for a company like PostNL?

Renault Pro+ has a line-up of 4 electric models to cover a vast variety of our professional customers’ needs. Master Z.E. is tailor-made for mainly last mile delivery fleet companies and city fleets. For a company like PostNL, the primary challenge is to have access to city centres without restriction and have enough range to ensure a full day of deliveries. The second major concern is to have enough payload and volume capacity to deliver goods from letters and small packages to washing machines for example. Master Z.E. and its 6 versions range is the perfect answer to those requirements with a 13m3 load space and a one-ton payload. In addition, with the Renault proven EV technology, the Master Z.E. gives comfort and best-in-class driving and handling in city conditions.

What are the common values shared between Renault and the PostNL?

I think that we both share the same values in terms of sustainable mobility and environmental challenges, reducing the CO² emissions being one of them. We are also both close to our customers’ needs and requirements. Our priority is to satisfy our clients by delivering them the best quality in terms of products and services while giving best driving and handling comfort to the PostNL drivers.

What is the importance for Renault of forging partnerships with this type of large company?

The objective is to be very close to our customers’ needs and anticipate their evolutions. With large companies, we are partners and we nurture each other. In order to better anticipate the changes regarding the future of mobility, we have to work together and share our vision. Last year, we gave PostNL the possibility to test Master Z.E. before its commercialization. I’m really proud to see that today, PostNL is the very first company to integrate our Master Z.E. into their fleet and I am confident that our collaboration will grow further.

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