Heritage | 21 August 2017

R4: A trailblazer for globalization

Groupe Renault - Renault 4 - Blanc - Avant - En situation
Manufactured on Paris’ Île Seguin, the birthplace of the original Renault factories, R4 proved to be a real commercial success: After the millionth Renault 4 rolled off the production line back in 1966, a further seven million of these vehicles went on to be sold over its lifetime spanning more than 30 years. Renault unveils a selection of original snapshots.
by Valérie Calloch

The popularity of R4 extended far beyond its European borders, even reaching as far afield as Latin America, for example. What’s more, it also played an active role in the development of the countries where the company chose to do business.

Between 1961 and 1992, Renault 4 became the quintessential global vision of what a car should look like as this model continued to gain recognition the world over.

In fact, this car marked the end of the former distinction between city cars and off-road vehicles to become a truly multipurpose automobile.

This meant that R4 was the ideal choice not only for commuting during the week, but also for heading off on vacation with the family, making it the practical, straightforward transport solution for all drivers.

With a customer base spanning several generations, R4 became a real cult classic during the 70s among young, curious drivers with a fresh, new outlook.

In a bid to keep the legend alive, fans of Renault 4 and other popular vehicles get together every two years in July for the 4L INTERNATIONAL event at the Circuits du Val de Loire venue in Thenay, France.

This event also offers the perfect opportunity to provide these enthusiasts with original, vintage images of Renault 4 from the company archives.

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