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Ready, steady, go: prepare your car for summer driving

The extreme heat and long drives of summer can be tough on your car. Here are some simple precautions to take before hitting the road.
by Groupe Renault


5 helpful tips

#1 Chill out

High temperatures put an extra strain on your car’s cooling system. Check the coolant level regularly and look for stains on the coolant hoses—they can indicate a leak. Also, make sure the cooling fan is running normally.

#2 Check your tyres


Driving in high temperatures and carrying a heavier than normal load can put your tyres to the test. Before setting off, make sure your tyres are not worn or damaged. Keep tyre pressure at the recommended level (don’t forget to check the spare tyre), adjusting for extra load if needed.

#3 Stay fresh


Keeping the driver comfortable reduces fatigue. Have your air conditioning system checked before your leave. If your car’s system has a filter, get it inspected too by an authorised professional such as your local Renault dealer.

#4 Pamper your brakes

Hot temperature can impact the effectiveness of your car’s brakes. And summer storms can make the roadway suddenly very slippery. It’s a good idea to get your brake inspected and serviced before you leave. 

#5 Tow smart


If you’re towing a boat or caravan this summer, you’ll need to adapt your driving style. Allow more time and space for accelerating and braking. Know your car’s towing limit as well as the maximum towing weights.  And remember to check the speed limits in the country you’re driving in.

The Renault Blog Team wishes you a wonderful summer break!

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