Corporate | 07 June 2016

“Free your talent, boost your life, shift the world” - Financial department

The Groupe Renault recruitment campaign in France is in full swing for 2016, with the target of 1,000 new hires on permanent contracts. Finance chief Clotilde Delbos tells us about the profiles and prospects in her department.
by Groupe Renault

Can you tell us about the vacancies in the Financial Department under the Groupe Renault recruitment campaign this year?

We mainly want to recruit people in financial control, accounting and treasury functions. There are also vacancies in production cost optimization. Here, we’re looking for applicants with a sound technical-economic background. Their main mission will be to work with other company functions on design and purchase of vehicle parts at the best possible price, to ensure the economic viability of our projects.


What exactly are the profiles and skills you’re looking for?

We’re primarily looking for young graduates from engineering or business schools, or with a university master’s degree, or with qualifications in accounting. They’ll either be new graduates or have some initial job experience. On joining us, they’ll be introduced into their new job functions under close guidance from senior staff members.

Financial Department work is worldwide in scope, so a good command of English is needed in all positions.

Then because we realize that workforce diversity has a very significant impact on performance and innovation, under equal skill and training levels, we’re especially attentive to gender balance and the need for international profiles.


What are the main challenges facing the Renault group in general and the Financial Department in particular in the coming years?

The vehicle of the future will be 100% electric, or with very low emission levels. And it will be connected and autonomous. The automotive industry will be seeing very intense innovation in the coming years, both in the products themselves and in services relating to vehicle use.

To address these very substantial challenges and meet shifting customer expectations, Groupe Renault must innovate on products and services, and develop new partnerships. If we are to stand out from the competition, we must act on this as rapidly, reliably and economically as possible.

The Financial Department has a central role to play here. Its employees interact with other company functions very much as “business partners”: this might mean helping them to improve costs, identify risks and opportunities, and generally ensure that we’re on the right track, the track to successful performance. Then because we also need to tune into the capabilities opened up by the digital revolution, we want to make the most of what younger employees have to offer.

These are the sorts of everyday challenges we in the Financial Department must take up to help ensure that the company has the resources it needs for developing new products and new technologies, capable in turn of strengthening the customer appeal of Groupe Renault brands. The rigour with which Renault has managed its resources in the past few years has been instrumental in providing it with the sound financial basis it enjoys today, and which enables it to implement its powerful strategy.


What prospects does the Renault group offer, as regards career development and job satisfaction?

The Finance function offers prospects in many areas, with intersecting skills in accounting, management and treasury. After an initial position, employees are offered the opportunity to acquire experience in all three of these basic skills.

There are also openings at RCI Banque and with Nissan, through the Alliance. And there are career bridges between Finance and other company functions. We can offer international openings to all employees holding a skills base capable of contributing to the performance of our international subsidiaries.


How would you sum up your messages to applicants for jobs in your department?

“Free your talent, boost your life, shift your world. Let your passion drive the future.”

Groupe Renault continues to gather impetus, and now’s the time to channel your energy and enthusiasm into a bright career. In joining Groupe Renault you’ll be helping design, make and sell tomorrow’s autonomous and connected cars. 


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