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Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet, an ecosystem of connected business fleet management services

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As part of Renault EASY CONNECT solutions, Renault Pro+ introduces Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet, an ecosystem of connected services for business users that simplifies managing vehicle fleets and reduces running costs.
by Isabelle BEHAR

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  • Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet provides secure, affordable connectivity to report fleet data.
  • Renault Pro+ is working with the biggest names in fleet management to offer a broad range of services and meet business users' widest range of needs.
  • Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet will be available on the entire range of Renault vehicles in Europe by mid-2018.

Secure, affordable connectivity to report fleet data

Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet can securely provide the data from the fleet's Renault vehicles by means of the Renault Communication Adapter unit, which connects to the vehicle's electronics. Renault guarantees this system's security in respect of vehicle data.

With this, there's no longer any need to go and get information from the driver or in the vehicle, the telematics unit remotely sends relevant information in real time:

  • Mileage,
  • Range,
  • Geographic location,
  • Fuel consumption,
  • Tire pressure,
  • Technical alarms,
  • and even how many miles to the next service.

This means Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet helps to:

  • Cut fleet running costs: lower consumption, manage and plan servicing.
  • Simplify fleet management: good fleet visibility based on reliable, precise and diversified data.
  • Deploy eco-responsible driving, cut costs, reduce CO2 emissions and increase safety by improving behavior at the wheel.

Fleet managers are then truly, fully in control of their vehicle fleets.

Partnerships with the best-known telematics service providers to meet each company's requirements

Because business users' requirements differ widely depending on their trade, because there are so many different trades and country-specific needs, Renault partners with Telematics Service Providers (TSPs*) to develop tools that are relevant to each business activity.

Renault sends the vehicle data to these TSPs via secure servers. The TSPs can then process this data and use it to provide relevant services to the customers.

This allows Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet to provide both flexibility and compatibility:

  • Business users who don't yet have a telematics service for their business can find the best solution for their trade among the partnering TSPs' ranges and manage their fleet of Renault vehicles.
  • Business users who have already implemented a partnering TSP's telematics service can add Renault Easy Fleet Connect to send the data from their Renault vehicles.

Many partnerships:

  • Through its subsidiary RCI Bank and Services, Groupe Renault is setting up a new and innovative service for business customers: Fleet Asset and Tracking Management. This solution will group all the information required for operational fleet management: detailed financial services, real-time vehicle data, geolocation and eco-driving. Available on all digital media, this totally new service is based on the needs expressed by PC and LCV fleet customers, who also provided input during development. It will be launched in Europe and Latin America from second-quarter 2018.
  • Renault is also developing partnerships with Fleetmatics, Kuantic, Masternaut, Optimum Automotive Group / Mapping Control, Telogis and TomTom Telematics, in order to give customers access to a wide range of proven services, reflecting their diverse requirements.
  • Other partnerships are currently under discussion with a view to expanding the offering still further.

Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet will be available on the entire range of new Renault vehicles in Europe by mid-2018, and on the current Renault installed base (from after-sales service).

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