Cars | 20 March 2018

Renault EZ-GO: Both a vehicle and a service

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Many automakers, equipment manufacturers and operators have set their sights on the shared mobility of tomorrow and have already presented their vision of the autonomous robo-vehicle that will circulate in cities within a few years.

The Renault EZ-GO concept, unveiled in early March at the Geneva Motor Show, goes further as it looks beyond the vehicle itself. "It's both a vehicle and a service," explained Stéphane Janin, Head of Concept Car Design. Most importantly, EZ-GO integrates pick-up stations aimed at helping passengers to get into and out of vehicles more easily.

It also serves other users in cities, for example, via its benches. Tina Kentner, architect-designer and creator of this station, stated that this station "can be integrated into their landscape like street furniture." Finally, EZ-GO was conceived in "the spirit of creating a more personal experience for users" as Marc Pinel Peschardière, Head of UX Design, demonstrated from the screen of the station. The experience is enhanced over the course of the ride through the passenger's smartphone, which maintains permanent access to their personal ecosystem.

The Renault EZ-GO concept represents a futurist vision of autonomous urban mobility. Groupe Renault plans to launch sales services for its autonomous robo-vehicles by the end of its strategic Drive The Future 2017-2022 plan, in collaboration with the Alliance. It is already accelerating the development of on-demand mobility services in order to reach this ambitious objective.


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