Event | 07 March 2012

Renault electrifies Geneva: ZOE and Twizy x Guetta live reveals

by Groupe Renault

March 6, 2012 is a historical date for Renault. At the Geneva Motor show, during a press conference presented by Carlos Ghosn, Renault CEO, ZOE, the 100% electric city car, was revealed.

It completes the Renault Z.E. range, already made up of Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E. and Twizy. Renault also introduced Twizy's new ambassadors, Cathy and David Guetta, during a press conference organized by Stephen Norman, SVP Global Marketing  and Communication for Renault.

Click here for ZOE's live reveal on video.

And here for the Renault Twizy - Cathy & David Guetta live party!

Key moments from ZOE's reveal

The press conference, which started  at 2.30 pm:

ZOE (ZEN version) gets to the stage. According to Ghosn it is "now a reality, the fruit of a conviction: the electric vehicle is the solution to our industry's environmental and energy challenges":

The second ZOE (INTENS version) gets to the stage. ZOE is the result of the work of  Renault's teams and massive investments by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. 5 years ago, the Alliance was the only group to invest the Zero Emission path. Today, Renault is the only car manufacturer to offer a full range of electric vehicles, of which ZOE is the fourth pillar, and most importantly its core  :

Carlos Ghosn, gets to the stage behind the wheel of third ZOE (LIFE version). "ZOE was conceived to be 100 % electric and addresses the general public. It is a mobility solution, available and adapted to all" :

ZOE is packed with innovations. From a regenerative braking system to its tyres' performance, everything was conceived to increase the car's autonomy. ZOE is also the first electric vehicle to be equipped with a Chameleon charger, allowing for the developing of cheaper charging infrastructures, since they'll cost 4 times less than existing charging spots. It'll also allow ZOE drivers to charge on any power socket up to 43kW. ZOE will also be equipped with the R-Link embedded & connected tablet, even on its entry version. :

ZOE and Carlos Ghosn, Renault CEO. "ZOE is a beautiful object. Its design is pure and symbolizes electric mobility, through clean lines and a modern, zen interior":

End of the conference, the journalists rush to ZOE:


Key moments from the Twizy x Guetta announcement

Live party before the Twizy announcement:

Stephen Norman introduces the new Twizy ambassadors, as the vehicles hit the streets in the weeks to come:

Twizy ambassadors Cathy and David Guetta:

Press conference on the Twizy x Guetta partnership:

David Guetta, Carlos Ghosn and Cathy Guetta:

David and Cathy Guetta around Twizy, with Carlos Ghosn:

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