Corporate | 09 November 2018

Renault Maubeuge: excellence recognized

2018 - Usine Renault Maubeuge - MCA
Emmanuel Macron visits the Maubeuge plant; Carlos Ghosn announces €450 million in investment for the new utility vehicle center of expertise.
by Thomas AUDEBERT

The industrial excellence of Groupe Renault was recognized on Thursday, November 8th by President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and the Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn, who visited the Renault plant in Maubeuge, a high-performing site. It was an opportunity to announce major investments in the LCV sector for the Group and the Alliance.

€450 million in investments will be made over the next five years. This was the amount announced by Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn to develop the Maubeuge plant in the North of France. Already the highest-performing plant operated by Groupe Renault in France, with nearly 100 vehicles per employee manufactured each year, the MCA (Maubeuge Construction Automobile) plant is becoming a “center of expertise” in light commercial vehicles for all members of the Alliance.

As such, in addition to Kangoo, Kangoo ZE and Mercedes Citan which are already manufactured on the site, a new Nissan commercial vehicle will complete the line in spring 2019, before the next generations of Kangoo and Kangoo ZE are unveiled. With this in mind, the plant will recruit 200 additional employees.

The Renault Maubeuge plant, a reference in the French automotive industry

These announcements reward the hard work of our teams, the gradual and effective modernization of production tools and the development of training from the time of recruitment.

Renault Maubeuge plant, a reference in the French automotive industry, employee in situation

Each employee benefits from a full month of training in the use of these working tools. And to ensure the longevity of this excellence, training modules are available all throughout their career. In 2017, employees received 27,000 hours of training in Maubeuge.

To complement training, the plant has digitalized its operations and promotes the deployment of innovative technological solutions to streamline and accelerate production. For example, the use of autonomous drones to perform inventories or of exoskeletons to relieve operators of the most tiring tasks. “We have always been among the first, either to design or to adopt these new tools,” explained Olivier Silva, the director of the plant.

Renault Maubeuge plant, a reference in the French automotive industry, drone in situation

This openness has made the Maubeuge plant into a reference in the automotive industry in France, a point the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron was quick to highlight during his speech:

“What I saw in this plant was men and women who are proud of their company and of their expertise. Each person who joins these teams is appreciated for who they are and is trained to grow and improve.”

In the context of investments in France, Carlos Ghosn also announced the future manufacturing of a Mitsubishi van on the Sandouville site (Normandy), a Renault Trafic productions site. The Chairman and CEO of the group noted that this is evidence of the competitiveness of the group’s French plants: “The Maubeuge and Sandouville plants offered the most attractive solution through their competitiveness and their capacity to take advantage of the shared platforms of the Alliance.”

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