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Road4us: a free road safety site that is accessible to everyone

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Road4Us - Groupe Renault
In 2018, road accidents caused 1.35 million deaths around the world. An unacceptable statistic … and one that is increasing every year. According to the UN, if nothing is done, the road, which was the ninth main cause of death worldwide in 2004 will become the fifth in 2030. There are solutions though. Initiatives are being taken and are producing good ideas. The Road4us website, produced jointly by Groupe Renault and Association Prévention Routière, is a good example of this.
by Nicolas LE-BOUCHER

Road4Us EN

Road safety is a major public health challenge across the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.35 million people were killed in road accidents in 2018. To promote road safety for all, Groupe Renault, with Association Prévention Routière, the French road safety organisation, has launched the Road4us site.


A free, easy to use tool for all - accessible to all

The Road4us website offers key safety icons that cover some fifteen topics: alcohol, helmets, seat belts, drugs, motorbikes, pedestrians, emergency services, smartphones, bicycles, visibility, speed etc. The innovation? Illustrations that can be understood at first sight by anyone, irrespective of age, language and level of education. No text, free from cultural connotations, just simple, universally recognisable images. These icons can be viewed and downloaded from the Road4us* website, without charge, as they are designed to be used and shared freely by teachers and charities to raise awareness amongst the widest possible audience.


Overcoming an alarming statistic

Road accidents are a worldwide scourge. To overcome it effectively, it has to be studied, and understood: who, why, how etc. Groupe Renault, via its Foundation, has allied with Association Prévention Routière to identify, with the World Health Organization, the main causes of accidents and risky behaviours.
According to the World Health Organization, road accidents are the primary cause of death for children and young adults aged between 5 and 29 years. Another stat: more than half of the people killed on the road are not in an enclosed vehicle: they are children, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and so on.
Safety for all road users, not merely drivers, has now become essential.

The Roda4us* website is available in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. This will allow us to reach the maximum number of people in those countries where road safety is a major challenge.

Groupe Renault Corporate Foundation: created in 2001, it embodies Groupe Renault’s humanitarian social and societal values. Originally specialising in programmes of excellence to support young people in acquiring the skills of the future, since 2018, it has been managing the Group’s sponsorship activities in the field of safe, inclusive and sustainable mobility, with a strong basis in the areas in which we operate.

It has set up many partnerships with charities working in this field. In 2019, the Groupe Renault Corporate Foundation supported some thirty charities.

It operates internationally, coordinating Renault’s local foundations in Europe, North Africa and South America, and is a recognised social and economic actor in many countries.



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