Event | 19 June 2013

Safety and Mobility for All: review of the 2013 international meeting

They arrived by train or by plane. The youngest are only 6 years-old and have made the trip without their parents. It's a school trip like no other. Their destination: Paris, France. Their goal: to show their work and do a little partying, like the grown-ups do!
by Caroline De Beaumont

Grown-ups, precisely, they do not know everything, but they think they do. They have learned to drive and to behave on the road. But that was long time ago. They forget important things sometimes. They can become reckless. They do not pay attention anymore. But the road is dangerous! So, during this school year, children around the world have worked in class on the topic of road safety and sustainable mobility.

65 of them, from 6 different countries, met at the international meeting of the Programme Security and Mobility for all at the Cité des Sciences and Disneyland, on June 14, 15 and 16.

Seeing them presenting their ideas, their initiatives, it was like being a parent who accompanied the child in this adventure:

Let’s review the meaning of traffic signs and listen to Charles warning us "you had to stop at the yellow light!".


France – six-year-olds from Saint-Julien-du-Sault elementary school in central France

Let’s sing the song the kids composed in English (!): "Wear a helmet, wear a vest. This is for you the best! ". Result: let’s give our children a helmet and a fluorescent jacket.


Estonia – pupils of the Sagadi elementary school

Let’s work with the kids on a communication campaign to raise awareness among public authorities. They are right, why there is no bridge here, no bus station there? And let’s sew costumes for their show!


Poland – pupils from Miklusy school

Let’s get ready to have pro-active children. Because they were able to reduce the traffic in front of the school with a carpooling and school bus campaign. Because they were able to have a bus stop moved for safety reasons. And also because there is still a dangerous crossroads and small Isa and Ada (11 years-old) are ready to "go back to the discuss with the municipality if necessary!".


Slovenia – the eleven-year-olds at Bršljin elementary in Novo Mesto

Let’s play the road safety game they invented and let’s talk about environment in order to give them ideas for their posters.


Bulgaria – pupils from the Petar Beron school in Sofia

And finally, let’s be happy to see our teens taking the school bus after their "report" on the reckless behavior of their drivers. Because after that, the attitude of drivers has changed beyond recognition, to the extent that the municipality has decided to bring this initiative to the entire city!


Turquie – students at Fusun Yonder high school in Istanbul

All that to say, that there is no age to learn and if parents should lead by example, children are also examples for us!

Photo credits: Isabelle Franciosa

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