Sports | 13 December 2013

Sebastian Vettel visits Renault Sport F1 in Viry-Châtillon

Sebastian Vettel, the youngest ever quadruple Formula 1 world champion, came to visit 
by Groupe Renault

Renault Sport F1 employees in Viry-Châtillon to celebrate his 2013. The driver won all his titles with Red Bull Racing, powered by a Renault V8 power unit. The champion had the opportunity to exchange with engineers, answer their questions and even tagged along a treasure hunt through Viry's ateliers.


10 Renault employees, who won a competition, had the chance to spend some time with Sebastian Vettel. The champion, very easy to talk to, gave them his opinion on the new FIA regulations, as well as advice on how to be a good driver, or told them what he liked to do during his free time (skiing!)

Vettel : "So what did you have to do to win this competition?"

One of the winners : "Answer 2 questions: how many titles did Vettel win & what the new power unit's name?"

Vettel : ", I don't think I could've answered that!"


Sebastian also had the time to admire this secret gallery at Renault Sport F1, here Damon Hill shot by Gerard Rancinan.


Interview with Renault TV...

vettel-viry-7 to a real treasure hunt in RSF1, equipped with a bunch of Go Pros! The challenge: build an engine from A to Z

Vettel even designed an engine conrod.


End of the hunt! Welcomed by Renault Sport F1 employees and receiving a gift from Jean-Michel Jalinier, RSF1 CEO.





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