Innovation | 17 July 2019

The future of mobility lies close to home!

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the future of mobility by groupe renault and kaufman & broad
Electric mobility goes well beyond the vehicle
by Valérie Calloch

Electric mobility goes far beyond the vehicle. It is designed to adapt to our home. As was demonstrated by the SYMBIOZ, the concept car that we presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Remember, this car of the future slotted harmoniously into, and interacted continuously with, its environment.

Our concept-car SYMBIOZ mixes the living room with your car.

And yet more progress to really bring mobility home

A further, more recent illustration is the partnership between Groupe Renault and Kaufman & Broad. This major player in the property field has developed an environmentally responsible programme called “Feel Wood” and Groupe Renault is offering every future buyer a special long-term lease deal on the electric ZOE.

Live and travel without leaving a footprint

Lastly, to keep ahead of the game, we need to change behaviours and uses by offering increasingly adapted mobility solutions so that, in the very near future, each of us will have the keys to drive us on to a more sustainable city.

Off we go!

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