Innovation | 15 March 2016

The Good Drive, a serious game for learning to drive

Learning to drive a car at any time of the day or night is now possible. How? Thanks to The Good Drive, a serious game that provides a virtual medium for driver training. The fruit of a partnership between Renault Mobiliz, ECF and the game’s developers, The Good Drive also includes a significant social dimension.
by Caroline De Beaumont

With The Good Drive, use your smartphone to get your driving licence

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The project began in 2014 with the aim of modernising and facilitating the process for getting a driving licence. In concrete terms, The Good Drive is a simulation programme for practising driving and learning the road rules using a smartphone and a computer.
Drawing on video game rules for inspiration, it presents players with 10 major sequences that cover the entire French driving licence training programme. Players are confronted with real-life situations such as driving in rural and urban areas, passing and overtaking, night driving, and different weather conditions such as fog and rain. The player must control their vehicle, follow the road rules and, of course, adapt to what is happening in their environment.

The Good Drive does not aim to replace traditional methods for learning to drive; instead, it serves to support these.

It is a hybrid system combining simulation and a video game environment, encompassing both practice and theory,

                                                                 Jean Menu, General Manager of The Good Drive.

In total, a player can drive virtually for over 20 hours and cover a distance of around 200 kilometres in order to learn the right reflexes.

We learn by repeating actions. This game makes it easier to develop spontaneous actions and reflexes,

                                                                 Olivier Mauco, the project’s technical director.

Although it was launched in France first, The Good Drive is also intended for the international market. The goal is to contribute to improving road safety in countries where driving training is the least structured.

The great thing about this game is that it teaches the right behaviours; it allows time to analyse and acquire reflexes. It uses a psychological and cognitive approach,

                                                                     Gérard Acourt, CEO of TGD.

Renault Mobiliz and ECF, partners of The Good Drive

Having a driving licence is no small matter. Although workforce integration often depends on it, for many it is an expensive process that isn’t easily accessible. Consequently, 50% of people old enough to drive still don’t have their licence due to financial reasons.
That is why Renault Mobiliz, which exists to finance and support mobility sector projects that have a social impact, was behind the TGD project, along with ECF.
François Rouvier, who heads the Renault Mobiliz programme, sees in it an opportunity “to increase accessibility and learning by reducing the costs involved in acquiring a driving licence.”

The Good Drive should indeed contribute to making the driving licence more accessible to all, and it should also help with the training of people facing physical or social difficulties. Renault Mobiliz has provided 20% of the project’s capital and acts as an initiator while also providing guidance and support.

The ECF network (French driving school association), a European leader in road safety and driver training and education, is also a partner in the project.
Since 1st February 2016, The Good Drive is now used in several dozen ECF agencies and should soon be implemented in all of the network’s 400 agencies. Each ECF agency includes The Good Drive in a learning package or bespoke programme. The serious game should help reduce the number of driving hours and, as a result, the cost of getting a licence. It should also improve the profitability of ECF agencies. In the end

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