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The Renault art collection visits China

Two years after its successful showing of the works of French photographer Robert Doisneau, the Renault art collection is back in China, at Wuhan from 17 March to 19 June 2016.
by Groupe Renault


More than 12 000 visitors viewed the "Une aventure moderne - la collection d'art Renault" exhibition, from 12 December 2015 to 29 February 2016 in Beijing. The exhibition has been at the Hubei Art Museum in Wuhan since 17 March: a great opportunity for Renault to boost its brand recognition in China, in the wake of the Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company (DRAC) production facility opening and market release for Kadjar. The exhibition drew more than 115,000 visitors in its first two months.

Ann Hindry, curator of the Renault art collection, has an anecdote on the Wuhan exhibition: “At Wuhan, enthusiasm among the public ran so high that we had to put up barriers around the works, because visitors, children especially, wanted to touch them.”


                                                                    Ann Hindry, curator of the Renault art collection

Discover in video the exhibition of the Renault Art Collection in China :


The Renault art collection, begun in 1967, now comprises more than a hundred works, including paintings, sculptures and installations, from twenty international artists. On the one hand it covers works from artists who worked with Renault from the nineteen-sixties to eighties, pioneers of contemporary art such as Arman, Dubuffet, Tinguely and Vasarely. And on the other it also spotlights young artists such as Jean-Luc Moulène, Angela Palmer, He An, Wen Fang and Arslan Sükan, whose works were included in the Renault art collection in 2010.


The Renault art collection at Wuhan:



• More than 100 works of art on show
• More than 115,000 visitors in two months
• 300 guests at the opening ceremony
• 20 international artists



                                                                    Exhibition in Beijing

“I’m delighted with the enthusiastic reception these works have had among the Chinese public, making the exhibitions a great success.” – Ann Hindry, curator of the Renault art collection


                                                                    Exhibition in Beijing

Many artists at the opening ceremony

Fu Zhongwang, director of the Hubei Art Museum, and Ann Hindry, curator of the Renault art collection, opened the exhibition on 17 March, at a ceremony attended by 300 special guests, including many Chinese and international artists, opinion leaders, journalists and personalities from the worlds of fashion, showbiz and art. The exhibition, which runs till 19 June, illuminates Renault from a rather different angle to usual, putting its pioneering, creative and avant-garde spirit in a very good light. 

Broad media exposure

The Renault art collection arouses considerable interest in the local press, and gets good coverage in the international media:

CCTV News: “In some cases, Renault's participation in the lives of contemporary artists has shepherded their rise to fame. Today, the public can enjoy the collection through exhibitions and loans to museums around the world.”


So Figaro: “What Renault did was to open a door between arts and industry and let them discover each other. The result was not simply decorative arts, but sparks and major art pieces.”


Art Trade Journal: “As a sponsor of art, Renault established a brand new and bright image, they connected with the top contemporary museums in the world because of the collection of art works, and Renault contributes to these museum as well. In addition to industrial productions, art becomes a way for culture communication.”


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