Corporate | 13 November 2018

The Technocentre is undergoing major changes

Groupe Renault - bespoke parts cabinet
A pioneer twenty years ago, the Technocentre is evolving. Priority to collaborative spaces and digital tools. To remain at the forefront of innovation in work organization.
by Valérie Calloch

a city within the city

Bringing together all the skills involved in the design and development of Renault Group vehicles and engines... This has been the raison d'être of the Technocentre, located in Guyancourt (Yvelines) and the leading R&D centre in Europe for 20 years. The architecture of the site reflects the different stages of the birth of an automobile, from upstream studies to final prototypes, tested in a factory integrated into the site. Virtual image walls, 1:1 visualization, immersive simulators and driving simulators... Design and digital validation tools are an integral part of everyday life. With its 11,000 employees, the Technocentre is almost a city within the city.

Groupe-Renault - Technocentre vue aérienne


Work methods are changing, the Technocentre is following the trend. This is what the e-tcr programme is all about. Renovate 'from floor to ceiling' and transform to promote collaborative work in a modernized environment. For more innovation and efficiency. The spaces will be open and shared, with areas for isolation or telephoning, meeting places and conviviality... while being attentive to overall comfort (ventilation, lighting, acoustics...). A 50/50 split between workstations and common areas, where digital tools play an increasingly important role. Construction will begin in 2019.

E-TCR Program

2018 - Groupe Renault - Fondation projet ETCR

Height adjustable desk

2018 - Groupe Renault - Fondation projet ETCR

Informal meeting area

2018 - Groupe Renault - Fondation projet ETCR

Working coffee area

2018 - Groupe Renault - Fondation projet ETCR

Bespoke parts cabinet

THE E-TCR PROGRAM in figures:

- 12,000 redesigned workstations
- 1 WELL certification
- 1 new building
- 1 building in Velizy 
- 1,000 new parking spaces

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