Design | 14 February 2017

The TREZOR star: a subtle homage to an illustrious past

The bold and sensual concept car TREZOR turned many a head at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, where it played a starring role.
by Groupe Renault

But did it reveal all of its secrets, or, should we say, treasures?

At the rear of the car, a five-pointed star is niched behind the Renault logo like a jewel in its setting. The silver star with its slight patina effect would almost go unnoticed to an uninformed eye, with only the most observant noting its presence.

It is difficult to understand the presence of this object on such a futuristic concept car, especially for those not fully acquainted with Renault’s history.

And yet this extremely discreet, unostentatious star is full of history and prestige. It had already lived a very full life before gracing the TREZOR concept car and is now part of the heritage treasures of Renault Classic.

The star was the emblem used on a pre-war Renault car, the Reinastella. It was the signature appearing on the famous high-end Stella models that helped to forge the brand’s reputation.

TREZOR was enhanced with this “jewel” on an initiative of Stéphane Janin, Director of Concept Car Design.

Giving it new life with TREZOR is an homage to enthusiasts who, through their know-how and their passion for progress and beautiful cars, created models such as the 40 CV and the Reinastella.”

Stéphane Janin - Director of Concept Car Design


More than a simple nod to history, this authentic object – one that has lived – is a true testament to Renault’s past on a vehicle that symbolizes the future.

2017 Concept car Trezor Rétromobile

In the same vein as the Stella models, TREZOR is an exceptional vehicle, an electric GT previewing the styling direction of future Renault cars.


This emblem establishes a link between TREZOR and some of the exceptional vehicles produced by the brand in the 1920s and 1930s. It is the bridge between ultra-modernity and this prestigious automotive past.”

Stéphane Janin - Director of Concept Car Design

As historic Renault vehicles were worked on by the greatest coachbuilders of their day, so the TREZOR dashboard in dark red wood was created in partnership with the French company KEIM-cycles, renowned for its know-how in the design of bespoke wooden bike frames providing high-level performance.

TREZOR represents the very best in the French motoring spirit, focused on driving pleasure and travelling comfort and featuring premium materials such as wood and leather. Combining craftsmanship and technology, it previews the ever more refined, connected and pure interiors of future Renault models.


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