Heritage | 30 August 2013

Twingo 20th birthday meetup : meet some crazy Twingo's

The Twingomania is alive and well! They've come from all over Europe, pimped their Twingo and even slept in it! Twingo fans met up this week-end (24-25 August) near Metz, France to celebrate their fav's 20th birthday. Let's meet  these hardcore fans and their crazy Twingo's (a video will be available on Renault's YouTube channel on Saturday).
by Groupe Renault


Though the sun didn't show up, many fans did. Over 100 Twingo's, all generations considered, were presented at the génération-twingo meetup. Games, competitions, pageants, memorabilia were on offer too.


Maurice,  who came all the way from Germany, showed us his Twingodzilla. Thousands of hours went into this piece of art to create a new blue and grey suede dashboard, a mini bar in the back of the car and Godzilla's all over the trunk.

twingodzilla-2  twingodzilla-4

A Twingo Grenouille (Frog) was introduced by Philippe and his son Michael, who worked together on this crazy Twingo...


Believe it or not, Philippe and Michael did install a full pond in the back of their Twingo ! LCD screens all over the trunk and rear bumper and frogs everywhere ! (even in the headlamps)



Gerald came all the way from Austria to showcase his "Twingi", a Twingo "and a half"! After getting into a car crash a few years ago, he decided to buy a second-hand Twingo to use its parts to repair his wrecked Twingo. But once that was done, he was left with an extra half Twingo...which he turned into a trailer!




We also had the pleasure to meet Fabrice, who brought his Twingo Police (only 4 units were ever produced!) Fan of police cars, Fabrice is part of a club of collectors in France called Amicale Police et Patrimoine (do visit their website, it's full of treasures! Like an old school Estafette).


Lisa met her boyfriend thanks to Twingo, it was only natural they'd come all the way from Germany for the meetup. The couple turned their Frenchie into a German car: BMW body colour, VW Polo headlamps...


Meet Johan's Twingo Pick-Up. A hardcore fan, he worked on his Twingo to turn it into a pick up and reminded us that in 1992, when Twingo was revealed at the Paris Motor Show, a pick-up version was also on display!


Love the stickers we saw on a  Twingo II (Perfect = Renault):


And obviously, any Twingo real fan will tell you, Twingo has tip-up seats, so many had the opportunity to test them out and sleep in their Twingo over the weekend!


A huge thank you goes out to Mellissa from generation-twingo.fr for her cheerfulness, her motivation and passion.

SAVE THE DATE : a video featuring Twingo fans will be available on Saturday August 31 on Renault's YouTube channel.

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