Design | 04 March 2014

VIDEO Twingo 3 design: the R5 Turbo's genes and Twingo 1's personality

by Groupe Renault

New Twingo is going back to the roots. The city car’s first generation breakthrough design (the “frog”) appealed to a lot of fans around the world: its round headlamps, its friendly face, its mono-volume that seemed to be bigger inside than outside, its bench seats that could fold all the way down…Just ask its hardcore fans, or look at the Twingomania that took up the media by a storm for its 20th birthday last year. The first Twingo was a bit like Marmite, “either you love it or you hate it”.


Twingo 2 tried to reconcile all the pro’s and anti, with a somewhat more consensual design. A wave of critics took to the net to mourn its round “eyes”, its “cute pet-like” features (says its designer, Patrick Le Quément)…

Today this is what we want to tell Twingo hardcore fans: we heard you! Twingo 1 is back! Not only does New Twingo build on the first Twingo’s heritage, it also features a lot of elements from another Renault icon, the Renault 5 Turbo. So here’s our question: how could you not love it?

To convince you, here’s a video we shot at the Renault Design Centre in Guyancourt, France, with Laurens van den Acker, Senior VP, Design, and all the designers who worked on Twingo: Kenneth Melville, Raphaël Linari, Csaba Wittinger, Nathalie Granger, Sidonie Camplan, Laurent Negroni, Vincent Ciccone …

New Renault Twingo's design inspirations :

So what do you think?


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