Event | 01 February 2013

Vienna R20 conference: 3 things to remember about Renault-Nissan

Vienna R20 conference is closing its doors this evening. Organized by the Regions of climate action (R20), founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it focused on implementing the sustainable energy future. Among the many key speakers, the Alliance Renault-Nissan was represented by Philippe Schulz (Renault) and Olivier Paturet (Nissan), who discussed tomorrow's energy mix and technologies for a smart future. The Alliance also brought electric vehicles that attendees had the chance to test-drive. Here are the 3 things to remember about the Renault-Nissan participation.
by Groupe Renault

1) Renault-Nissan is a leader in electric vehicle technologies

With soon 5 electric vehicles on the road (Nissan Leaf and Renault Fluence Z.E., Kangoo Z.E., Twizy and ZOE), the Alliance wants to show that EVs are a reality. They are fun to drive and easy to own.

So far, the Alliance has invested €4 billion to develop and mass produce affordable zero-emission vehicles. Now we are counting on the support of the regions and governments to develop infrastructures.

We offered EV test drives (Fluence Z.E. and Leaf) to Vienna R20 conference attendees and Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a Renault Fluence Z.E. during the event.

2) Trying to change the world, one speaker at a time

During the event, 2 representatives of Renault-Nissan had the opportunity to exchange with thought-leaders, NGOs and government representatives on how to implement an energy-efficient future. Memorable quotes:

Panel #1: the energy mix of the future - Philippe Schulz, expert leader environment, energy and strategic raw materials for Renault

"Road transportation suffers from an addiction to oil"

"You have many options open for the future, like hydrogen and fuel cells, but you do not have many options available now. Electricity is the most promising one. Electricity has the huge advantage of being energy agnostic. You can produce electricity everywhere with domestic resources. And this is the only road transportation option leading to zero emission in use."

Panel #2: technologies for a smart future - Olivier Paturet, General manager, Zero-emission strategy Nissan Europe

"80% of drivers around the world drive less than 100 km/day. In Japan and the UK, 80% of drivers drive less than 50 km/day"

"Instead of talking about efficiency after buying an EV, most customers like that it's quiet, accelerates rapidly, and doesn't vibrate. The fact they're environment-friendly takes a "back seat". Besides, customers love the fact they NEVER have to go to a gas station".

Olivier Paturet on zero-emission cars.

3) Developing infrastructures for the EV

One of our challenges today is to help develop the infrastructures needed by EVs such as charging stations. Events like the Vienna R20 conference help us explain this challenge, and work with NGOs, governments and sub-national levels.

Highlights from Vienna R20:


photo credits : Brain Bows, Renault Communication

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