Cars | 06 September 2017

With All-New Duster, Dacia’s emblematic vehicle has been revamped. Here we talk with Erde Tungaa, who has worked on the Duster’s design ever since the vehicle’s first version.

2017 - Nouveau Dacia DUSTER - Genèse Design
After seven successful years and with over a million units sold (under both the Renault and Dacia brands), Duster is now sporting a new look. All-New Duster will be presented as a world first at the Frankfurt Motor Show from 12 to 24 September. Our meeting with him was revealing...
by Caroline De Beaumont

When you designed Duster at the end of the 2000s, you rose to a real challenge. Originally, what was the brief behind Duster? What inspired your creation?

The brief was audacious: a small 4x4, 4.3 m long, able to incorporate Sandero’s doors. The product had to be simple and affordable. This kind of vehicle didn’t exist on the market.

In my initial designs in 2007, I wanted to imagine a vehicle that would be simple, sturdy, and practical. My inspiration? I’m a big fan of the 4L, the famous Renault 4. I love its simple, friendly style, free of any useless design features.

Renault 4L It was the 4L that inspired my first drafts of Duster. My design managers quickly gave me the go ahead. In 2010, Duster was born.

Dacia DusterYou also worked on the design of All-New Duster. What inspired you that time?

The brief was clearly to keep the original spirit of Duster and the vehicle's genes that made it a bestseller. Of course, seven years later, it’s not only the design that’s changed, but also customers’ expectations.

In All-New Duster, we therefore modernized and beefed up the vehicle’s lines while preserving its original look: front and rear proportions strengthened, belt line raised, grille made more assertive. All-New Duster’s design was born of teamwork between our France and Romania design centers. The outcome is a more definitive 4x4, a vehicle that’s more resolute and dynamic.

Dacia Duster
Dacia Duster Concept-Car Dacia Duster

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