Thursday, August 13 by Antoine Lefort - Heritage

Renault 5, Supercar of the seventies and eighties

Up to the early seventies, the French market for small cars was pretty much split between the Renault 4 and the 2CV from Citroën. In 1967, Pierre Dreyfus (Renault boss from 1955 to 1975) asked his engineers to come up with a small car addressing the broadest possible spectrum of the population. The mission was expressed in terms resembling an incantation. The new car should be a“voiture à vivre”: “a car for all seasons, for holidays and for work, for weekdays and for weekends, for town and for country”. When it appeared in 1972, the Renault 5 met these high expectations, proving hugely successful with its innovative design and a sense of practicality unheard of at the time.

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Tuesday, August 11 by Carina Stromqvist - Event

COP21: Our commitment to fight global warming

As a result of human activities, an excess amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is steadily warming the planet. It is a phenomenon that is driving climate disruption and has economic and social consequences that affect each and every one of us. We met with Jean-Philippe Hermine, Director for the strategy and environmental plan of the Renault Group, to find out more about the strategy we are implementing to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Friday, July 31 by Antoine Lefort - Heritage

Remembering the Estafette

Renault's Estafette van is as characteristically French as the baguette and the beret. No picture of France in the sixties or seventies is complete without it. One of its many functions was as a police van, and French people of a certain age will still refer to the Estafette as a humorous synonym for the Gendarmerie.

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