2017 - Marianne Bataillon - responsable stratégie composants électriques et hybrides pour l'Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi - Groupe Renault

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Paris, September 26 – Marianne Bataillon, in charge of electric and hybrid components strategy for the Alliance was in the spotlight at the French Women of Industry Trophy ceremony organized by French magazine L’Usine Nouvelle. Ms Bataillon received the trophy for her project management in the development of a 400 km-range battery for the ZOE in the Projects category.

Can you describe us of the project for which you have been rewarded?

We successfully launched Renault ZOE Z.E. 40, the first mass-market electric vehicle with a range of 400 km [1]. The launch was a strategic phase in the development of electric vehicles and a significant industrial and technological challenge, but the investment by everyone was just as big.

You are rewarded today, but wanted to highlight the teamwork carried out?

This project was a collective undertaking, an endurance course with both sprints and obstacles than cannot be tackled alone. There were as many as 150 people involved in my team from quite distinct domains (engineering, production, purchasing, marketing and sales. I share this award, therefore, with the men and women in my team and without whom it would not have been possible.

What would you say about this project in terms of human relationship?

I will remember many lovely, unforgettable moments during the project when we worked together at an almost crazy pace… I thank Groupe Renault for giving me this opportunity and for encouraging gender diversity in the workplace. In this company, there are women with remarkable professional backgrounds that have been an inspiration to me. They have given me the strength and confidence that are needed to progress. I also wish to thank my managers. You had confidence in me and encouraged me to be bold. I am lucky enough to work in a professional sphere that is exciting, ambitious and innovative.

[1] according to NEDC protocol

Tags: HR