by Groupe Renault

A quiet French revolution

As part of a four-episode video series on where EV is taking off around the world, this installment takes us to France.

ZOE-2On highways across France a quiet but vitally important revolution is underway. Hundreds of EV charging stations are being installed along the nation’s motorway network, the equivalent of one every 80km. A project in which Renault is a partner.

Find out more about the Corri-Door project here.

In this video, learn how investment in infrastructure is helping revolutionize France’s EV network by removing one of the main pain points for EV owners: finding somewhere to charge their car, whether in the city or on the open road. It will also make France one of the most “electrified” countries in the world.

California’s objective by 2025 is that 15% of all cars sold should be electric. We are talking 1.5 million vehicles.

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