07 November 2014 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

Les Constructeurs by Fernand Léger, exhibited at Renault Flins plant

From November 3 to 7, 2014, the Fernand Leger national museum will feature one of its masterpieces at the Renault Flins plant: Les Constructeurs, definitive version by Fernand Leger (1881-1955). The Renault factory employees will get to enjoy this painting thanks to the L’Entreprise à l’oeuvre project, organized by the French Culture and Communication Ministry, in cooperation with 5 French companies.

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08 October 2013 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

Renault Duster Argentina ad: Pumas don't like tennis

Argentina loves its rugby. No wonder Renault Argentina is proud to be the Official Sponsor (or more like "el Orgulloso Sponsor Oficial") for the Pumas, Argentina's rugby team; and came up with this quirky TV ad for the limited edition Duster Los Pumas. An SUV "manufactured under Renault's control. And the Pumas' as well." And as you can tell, Pumas don't like tennis:

04 October 2013 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

Tony Parker, a champion, ambassador for Renault Koleos

Tony Parker, who just won the EuroBasket championship, paid his fans a visit at Atelier Renault on the Champs-Elysées. Ambassador for Renault Koleos, Tony Parker embodies the SUV's values of "wild elegance", on top of being an international star...just like it. 

25 September 2013 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

Win a sketch by Philippe Petit-Roulet for Twingo's 20th

Philippe Petit-Roulet, who designed Twingo's first TV ad ("à vous d'inventer la vie qui va avec" : create the life that goes with it), has come up with two original sketches of our little frog to celebrate its 20th birthday. In 20 years, she hasn't aged a bit ! Celebrate Twingo's birthday with us and try to win an original sketch by Philippe, by answering the question below. 

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