11 March 2014 by Groupe Renault - Design

New Twingo, a heir to the R5 Turbo?

Csaba Wittinger was in charge of designing Renault Twin'Run, the concept car (2013) which later influenced New Twingo 's design. We caught up with him at the Geneva Motor Show and quickly realised this Hungarian-born designer is a huge fan of motorsports and of the R5 Turbo. So how did this heritage inspire him in his work? Does he think New Twingo is a true heir to the R5 Turbo? Answers below.

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22 January 2014 by Groupe Renault - Design

Renault and Strate: a partnership for the future

Renault and Strate have signed a partnership agreement to promote the training of talented young designers. The initiative brings benefits for both partners: Renault strengthens its image as an employer with the students of Strate, a source of potential talent for its industrial design department, and contributes in return to their professional development.

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08 April 2013 by Groupe Renault - Design

Meet Twin'Z, Renault latest concept car by Ross Lovegrove

Today at Milano's Triennale, Renault and British designer Ross Lovegrove took the wraps off Twin’Z. This concept car is the fruit of their close collaboration and brings together two worlds where Design plays an important role : the world of furniture and that of the automobile.

05 March 2013 by Groupe Renault - Design

Geneva Motor Show 2013: uncover the design secrets of Renault Captur

Just revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, we offer you the opportunity to learn more about Renault Captur and its origins. Our 2 exclusive videos are focused on its exterior then interior design.  What are the links between the concept car and the production vehicle? Which kind of innovative features can you find on board? Our experts talk!

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