15 November 2013 by Claude Viret - Heritage

Chrono 115, episode 7: Renault's luxury car styling between the wars

From the French Prime Minister to the Sultan of Morocco, not to mention several famous authors… In the 1920s and 1930s, Renault provided transport for many prominent personalities in cars that had nothing to envy the most prestigious brands of the period. So what were the main features of Renault’s styling at that time?

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29 October 2013 by Claude Viret - Heritage

Chrono 115, episode 5: Back on NEXT concept-car story

On 18 June 1995, Renault introduced NEXT, a completely revolutionary concept car: a family hybrid vehicle with a conventional engine in the front and two electric motor-wheels at the back. It could reach a top speed of 165kph. NEXT was the creation of the “Exploratory Vehicles Unit”, which was run at the time by Rémi Deconinck. We look back at the unit’s achievement.

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11 October 2013 by Claude Viret - Heritage

Chrono 115, Episode 4: The 1980 Renault 5, an eco-friendly pioneer

After the spectacular launch of the Renault 5 with a campaign featuring strip cartoons at the end of January 1972, sales continue to rise as each new version appeared, despite the first oil crisis in 1973. When a second crisis hit in 1979, the fuel-efficient Renault 5 was ready to take on the challenge. The story behind the model’s success is one of forward planning…

08 October 2013 by Claude Viret - Heritage

Chrono 115, Episode 3 - The launch of Renault Assistance

Before the 1980s there was no assistance service in France for motorists whose vehicles had broken down. Elsewhere, only powerful, organised automobile clubs, such as the ADAC in Germany, the RAC in the United Kingdom and the Touring Club in Switzerland, offered such a service. In 1984 Renault decided to move into the lead regarding service quality and launched Renault Assistance.

27 September 2013 by Claude Viret - Heritage

Chrono 115, Episode 2 - The quality of manual gestures

Through the history of automobile manufacturing, manual gestures have always played a vital role. Even today, when many tasks are mechanised and performed automatically, it remains essential for high-quality manufacturing. So Renault has always taken care to train its plant employees in making the correct movements and monitoring their quality.

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30 August 2013 by Groupe Renault - Heritage

Twingo 20th birthday meetup : meet some crazy Twingo's

The Twingomania is alive and well! They've come from all over Europe, pimped their Twingo and even slept in it! Twingo fans met up this week-end (24-25 August) near Metz, France to celebrate their fav's 20th birthday. Let's meet  these hardcore fans and their crazy Twingo's (a video will be available on Renault's YouTube channel on Saturday).

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