21 February 2014 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

New 1.6-litre Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo engine: the feel of a 2-litre engine, plus a 25% fuel-consumption saving

After pocketting a new world champion title in F1 (thanks to partner Infiniti Red Bull Racing), Renault makes full use of its Formula One motorist experience to refine the energy efficiency of its road car engines. The latest fruit of the firm’s downsizing strategy is the Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo, the first 1.6-litre diesel powerplant to benefit from twin-turbocharging.

20 December 2013 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

PAMU: valet parking of the future

A car that drives itself. Science fiction, you say? Fictional in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, set in 2054, the driverless car could be a reality before then. It will be a while before you can peruse your newspaper while doing 130 km/h on the highway, but intelligent cars are already being tested on special closed circuits. We take a close-up look at the Advanced Urban Mobility Platform program developed by our Engineering-Innovation engineers and their partners (1), financed by the Conseil Général des Yvelines, and tested on the roads of Renault’s Technocentre.

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20 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

Start-ups including Apila, SoCloz, and Telepark are inventing the future connected services

Feeding R-Link, Renault’s new integrated and connected touch tablet, is a fantastic professional opportunity! Renault and Paris Région Lab launched a call for bids at the start of the year to select innovative start-ups working in connected services, IT and mobile communication. Five companies have been picked to develop their projects in a Connected Mobility and Services “incubator” set up by the two partners.

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02 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

Renault ZOE confidential #2: black and blue from its Lardy trip

To shamelessly misquote Général de Gaulle: ZOE outraged! ZOE broken! ZOE martyrized! But this time it’s all in a good cause: top quality for ZOE! We visit the Lardy Technical Centre on the outskirts of Paris, France, to take a look at the rigorous and extensive tests that Renault’s all-electric city car is undergoing prior to imminent release. Nothing is spared, be it a highly dramatic frontal crash test or the engine running uninterrupted day after day!

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