30 April 2019 by Abdelhafid Reghis - Cars

The All-new Renault CLIO: the most comprehensive driving assistance on the market

The All-new Clio is the flagship vehicle in the next generation of Renault models, combining safety and ease using multiple driving aids (ADAS). The driving aids put the driver’s mind at ease, reduce the risk of accidents and help protect passengers and other road users. Take a look at the videos to learn more about the technology.

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05 March 2019 by Thomas AUDEBERT - Cars

2019 Geneva International Motor Show: The new TCe 100 engine underlines the versatility of the All-new Clio

The All-new Clio is the top attraction at the Renault Group’s stand at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Its many new features include the brand-new TCe 100 engine, the fruit of synergies within the Alliance. The engine has more power but consumes less fuel and comes with a manual, X-TRONIC and even a hybrid petrol/LPG gearbox option. The 1.0 TCe engine is the essence of the Clio’s versatility.

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05 March 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

2019 Geneva international motor show: Groupe Renault’s hybrid E-TECH technology unveiled on the all-New Clio

The hybrid E-TECH engine is one of the key innovations in the All-new Clio. Presented at the Geneva International Motor Show and available from 2020, it combines dynamic driving with energy management like never before.
The hybrid E-TECH engine was developed in-house at Renault using innovative multi-patent technology. Groupe Renault’s extensive expertise in electric vehicles and hybrid engines, already common in Formula 1, went into the design, putting Renault’s hybrid E-TECH engine miles ahead of competing hybrid city cars.

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19 February 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

CLIO STORY: relive the success of the best-selling french car in history

Produced in over 15 million units since launch in 1990, Renault Clio is a model of numerous superlatives, ranking as the best-selling French car of all time, the first car to win the European Car of the Year award twice, the top-selling car in France 21 out of the 28 years since launch, and the B-segment leader in Europe. From the start, Clio has been recognized as a small car with “the makings of a great vehicle”. We take a look back at the 29 years of the Clio story in words and pictures.

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29 January 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

A more expressive exterior design for the All-new Renault CLIO

Following the reveal of the All-new Renault Clio's interior, it's time to discover its exterior design and sources of inspiration. Laurens van den Acker, head of Groupe Renault’s Corporate Design, and Pierre Sabas, Head of External Design, explain how they based their work on the lines of the previous version to create a new Clio with modern, more expressive and dynamic features.

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28 January 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

The All-new Renault CLIO sparks an interior revolution

“This is the best Clio ever, for several reasons; the first is probably that it carries a very strong interior revolution, immediately perceptible.” Laurens van den Acker, head of Groupe Renault’s Corporate Design, is very clear to describe the philosophy behind the development of the fifth generation Clio’s interior. Work on colors, materials, perceived quality, seats, etc.: the designers give us all the details about this interior worthy of the upper segments.

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04 August 2016 by Groupe Renault - Cars

New Clio phase 2, an exceptional release

Renault’s New Clio made a great impression on journalists from the world over, invited to put the new model under the closest scrutiny at a meet-up in France’s Bordeaux region. Like the best Bordeaux wines, Renault’s best-seller just keeps on improving with age. Style, performance and equipment are finely tuned down to the tiniest detail.

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