16 December 2015 by Groupe Renault

COP21: a successful partnership

The climate change summit just closed its doors in Paris, during which 195 nations signed the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change to keep temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius objective. It’s now time for us, at Renault, to share the feedback of our partnership and show a video which presents our activities during the last two weeks.

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01 December 2015 by Groupe Renault

5 questions for a Renault Expert in EV infrastructures

At Renault we are convinced that in only two letters we have the solution in the automotive industry to fight climate change: EV (electric vehicle). Since a couple of years a great progress has been made in the EV domain and today's EV range perfectly responds to the need of most car users. Still a certain number of questions remains regarding the infrastructure and investment needed when switching for an EV. To answer to most frequently asked questions we have met with Thomas Orsini, head of business development for electric vehicles at Renault.

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26 November 2015 by Groupe Renault

On the way towards a sustainable mobility

How can low-emission vehicles contribute to the French energy transition and the national low-carbon strategy? What are the benefits for the economy, and under what conditions? How can France and its territories improve air quality? In order to discuss these questions, the project “En route pour un transport durable” brought together industry and civil society. Renault was among those representing the automotive industry to provide a valuable expertise on technological aspects. The work has helped quantify the likely impact on the French economy of the transition towards more energy-efficient light-duty vehicles, principally fuelled by electricity from renewable energies and by hydrogen.

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