26 October 2015 by Groupe Renault

COP21: engaging employees to drive success - 5 questions for Claire Martin

Only a few weeks to go, before kicking off the COP21 conference, taking place from 30 November to 11 December in Paris, the Renault teams are fully mobilized as official partner. 200 employees are currently trained to drive a fleet of 200 all-electric vehicles to shuttle 20,000 delegates. We have met with Claire Martin - Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility – to better understand the importance of involving employees in our partnership.

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08 October 2015 by Groupe Renault

Are we on the road to a cleaner, more electric future?

Just a couple of months to go before the COP21 summit kicks off in Paris, more and more media are wondering if electric vehicles might be the real winners on today’s automotive scene. We met Guillaume Berthier, Global Electric Cars Sales and Marketing Director, to find out: Are we finally on the road to a cleaner, more electric future?

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21 July 2015 by Groupe Renault

COP21: 3 questions for Brice Lalonde - United Nations Special Advisor

The Renault-Nissan Alliance signed in May a partnership agreement with the General Secretary in charge of the preparation and organization of the 21st annual Conference of Parties and this is for us an opportunity to cover a COP21 in a series of articles with the aim to respond to questions such as: What are the main topics of concern for the COP21?, What strategy is Renault implementing to reduce its carbon footprint? or Why are Renault Group's employees proud to be involved as brand ambassadors during COP21?

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