19 August 2016 by Groupe Renault - Design

Groupe Renault designers celebrate Le Corbusier at Villa Savoye

Groupe Renault’s industrial design team celebrated in 2015 the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Le Corbusier (1965-2015) by designing and creating a project for a 21st century car inspired by the architect’s modernist principles and theories. The Villa Savoye is an icon of modernity. Designed as a modern and ideal holiday home, it was a part of the upward trend in country houses in Ile de France that was underpinned by the rise of the automobile. The Villa Savoye establishes an intimate relationship between automobile and architecture.

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06 March 2014 by Groupe Renault - Event

Geneva Motor Show 2014: Meet the designers behind New Twingo

New Twingo designers Csaba Wittinger (CW) and Raphaël Linari (RL) answered our questions at the Geneva Motor Show, where their "baby" made its international debut. They told us about wanting to design an iconic car, how designing a rear-engined car was a great opportunity, and working with the cool designers over at Daimler -who are working on the next Smart, developed on the same platform as New Twingo. Working on a car with so much heritage, on a segment close to Renault's heart, was quite a challenge. Here are their thoughts... 

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