19 May 2017 by Groupe Renault - CSR

#GREENSTORIES: 4 electric cars, 12 cities, a 16-day low-carbon road trip for 1 purpose

With the fleet including two Renault ZOE’s, the EVRT Team included 11 environmental enthusiasts who set off on a road trip in Europe to create awareness about energy, sustainability and a cleaner future. The adventure started in central London at the ‘E-Mobility Conference’ on April 25th with visits to Bordeaux, Madrid, Montpellier, Turin, Padova, Zagreb, Munich, Berlin, Tilburg and Paris along the way, finishing with the second “E-Mobility Conference” in Paris on 10th May. Since Global EVRT's establishment in 2015, they obviously have had many stories along the way to share!

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11 August 2015 by Groupe Renault

COP21: Our commitment to fight global warming

As a result of human activities, an excess amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is steadily warming the planet. It is a phenomenon that is driving climate disruption and has economic and social consequences that affect each and every one of us. We met with Jean-Philippe Hermine, Director for the strategy and environmental plan of the Renault Group, to find out more about the strategy we are implementing to reduce our carbon footprint.

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04 December 2014 by Groupe Renault - Event

Sustainable Mobility Institute: 5 years in 5 questions

Society’s need for mobility is not going away. Meanwhile the challenges multiply. As Renault marks 5 years partnering with the finest young minds in Science, environmental lead Dr Philippe Schulz explains the ground-breaking work of the Sustainable Mobility Institute.

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