25 June 2018 by Emmanuel GENTY - Event

"EZ-GO could be the Black Cab of London or the yellow cab of New York City"

Groupe Renault’s Head of Corporate Design, Laurens van den Acker was asked by Automotive News Europe about the particularities of designing a robo-vehicle compared to a traditional car. Using the example of the EZ-GO concept, he emphasizes the importance of creating an object that integrates into the ecosystem of the city in which it evolves, until potentially becoming a symbol.

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19 June 2018 by Emmanuel GENTY - Innovation

Groupe Renault partners with the Île-de-France Region for mobility of the future

Saving time and money while taking the stress out of travel is a dream that is probably shared by all regular travelers in Paris. How can travelers make the best choices for their journey, combining personal means of travel with public transport? Which digital tools will provide the best level of service? Groupe Renault is contributing its expertise to the m2i project in order to develop fair and efficient mobility in the Paris area.

Tags: connected car innovation mobility

02 May 2018 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

Renault EZ-GO concept: innovating for tomorrow's urban mobility

To best integrate within the city, bring it a real positive impact and respond to the mobility needs of its inhabitants, the Renault EZ-GO robo-vehicle concept innovates in many aspects: design, autonomous driving, life on board, a connected station, etc. Its designers and the station’s architect explain how these innovations can revolutionize urban mobility in the future.

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