19 February 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

CLIO STORY: relive the success of the best-selling french car in history

Produced in over 15 million units since launch in 1990, Renault Clio is a model of numerous superlatives, ranking as the best-selling French car of all time, the first car to win the European Car of the Year award twice, the top-selling car in France 21 out of the 28 years since launch, and the B-segment leader in Europe. From the start, Clio has been recognized as a small car with “the makings of a great vehicle”. We take a look back at the 29 years of the Clio story in words and pictures.

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29 January 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

A more expressive exterior design for the All-new Renault CLIO

Following the reveal of the All-new Renault Clio's interior, it's time to discover its exterior design and sources of inspiration. Laurens van den Acker, head of Groupe Renault’s Corporate Design, and Pierre Sabas, Head of External Design, explain how they based their work on the lines of the previous version to create a new Clio with modern, more expressive and dynamic features.

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28 January 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

The All-new Renault CLIO sparks an interior revolution

“This is the best Clio ever, for several reasons; the first is probably that it carries a very strong interior revolution, immediately perceptible.” Laurens van den Acker, head of Groupe Renault’s Corporate Design, is very clear to describe the philosophy behind the development of the fifth generation Clio’s interior. Work on colors, materials, perceived quality, seats, etc.: the designers give us all the details about this interior worthy of the upper segments.

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27 November 2018 by Isabelle BEHAR - Cars

A unique high-end range enriched by new engines

Groupe Renault is introducing a new generation of petrol and diesel engines on Talisman - sedan and estate - and Espace. More powerful and enjoyable to drive, these new engines are equipped with emission control technologies and comply with the latest European anti-pollution standards (Euro6):

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21 April 2017 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

Innovation shaping the future of Formula 1, with the R.S. 2027 Vision concept

The R.S. 2027 Vision concept car unveiled on 19 April at the Shanghai Motor Show illustrates the Renault take on the shape of Formula 1 ten years hence, in 2027. To a great extent, this vision builds on the three main foundations of Renault innovation today: the electric vehicle, the connected vehicle and the autonomous vehicle. Key technologies in these three areas are, or will shortly be, available on Renault production vehicles.

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18 April 2017 by Julie Motreff - CSR

#Greenstories – Renault support for TOWT on zero-emission land-sea logistics

On 12 April, Renault handed TOWT (Transoceanic Wind Transport) the keys to its second electric vehicle, a new Renault ZOE Z.E. 40. This Brittany-based company, founded in 2011, specializes in zero-emission sail-powered transport. We spoke with co-founder Guillaume Le Grand on a partnership that combines wind power with electrical energy.

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